Are Christine and Louis still together from Too Hot To Handle season 5?

Have the Too Hot To Handle finalists gone the distance?

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Now that season 5 has wrapped up, Too Hot To Handle viewers want to know if Christine and Louis are still together.

Popular Netflix dating show Too Hot To Handle follows 10 singletons who have a history of meaningless flings and an inability to form meaningful romantic connections, as they embark on a four-week retreat where they must abstain from kissing and sexual contact. Overseen by a robot named Lana, the group work towards securing the prize money, which starts at $200,000 and is reduced whenever contestants break Lana's rules.

By the end of the season, many of the Too Hot To Handle cast have succeeded in forming a deeper connection, and viewers are keen to know which relationships go the distance, with many still wondering who is still together from season four. Louis and Christine were one of just two solid couples to make it to the season five finale, and much like fans of the show want to know if Alex and Elys are still together, many are asking the same of this couple...

Are Christine and Louis still together?

It's unlikely that Louis and Christine are still together following Too Hot To Handle. While neither have spoken out about their relationship status now that the series has finished airing, they haven't been pictured together since.

In addition, their Instagram accounts provide a few clues that all might not be well between the season five couple, as neither of them follow each other and they haven't posted any pictures together, despite having met up with other castmates.

Meanwhile, Louis recently posted a TikTok with another Too Hot To Handle castmate, Hannah, who he snubbed Christine for early on in the show. This could be another sign that his relationship with Christine hasn't lasted.

This news may not come as a surprise to viewers, as Louis is from Hampshire and Christine is from Texas, meaning there's quite a distance between them if they want to keep up a relationship.

What happened between Christine and Louis on Too Hot To Handle?

Louis and Christine coupled up at the start of Too Hot To Handle and made it all the way to the finale, but there were plenty of bumps in the road for this pairing - and they had a hard time sticking to Lana's rules.

On the first night, Louis promised three different girls he would share a bed with them and ended up spending the night with Hannah, much to Christine's frustration.

It wasn't until after Lana revealed to the group that he had kissed both Hannah and Christine on the same night that Louis finally decided it was actually Christine he wanted to pursue, breaking things off with Hannah.

But the drama didn't stop there, as Christine then went on a date with new arrival Trey, and Lana lifted the no-touching rule while they were together, giving Christine the opportunity to kiss Trey without losing any prize money. But Christine stayed loyal to Louis and turned Trey down.

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It looked like Louis and Christine were going from strength to strength, after the pair passed a test set by Lana to see if they could spend a night together without giving in to temptation. Despite things looking a bit hairy for a moment, Christine and Louis succeeded, resulting in them winning back all the prize money they had previously lost.

But in another curveball, newcomer Linzy arrived on the show, and Louis just couldn't resist taking up her offer of feeling her breast. When Linzy told Christine what had happened, Louis was forced to come clean. But after making him work for it, Christine chose to forgive him. 

This led to an intimate date where Christine and Louis opened up to each other, and they finally got an official green light from Lana, giving them the opportunity to share a kiss.

However, Louis remained unsure about fully committing to Christine, and Lana gave him the chance to leave the show alone with $25,000 or stay with Christine and lose his opportunity at the total prize money. Ultimately, Louis decided to stay.

By the end of the Too Hot To Handle finale, Louis and Christine were adamant that they wanted to see how their relationship would go on the outside.

Where is Christine Obanor now?

Christine has been seen hanging out with Elys, Megan and Courtney from Too Hot To Handle, and she even posted a photo with Hannah, dispelling the rumours that the two don't get on after both had a connection with Louis while on the show.

She's also been posting updates on her modelling career, but it seems all her followers want to know is whether her and Louis are together. One fan commented on a recent post, "Are you and Louis still together I’m dying to know???" while another wrote, "I’m literally gonna go insane!! What the verdict with you and our man!! If you guys aren’t still together my heart will be broken".

Where is Louis Russell now?

Louis has also been spending time with his new friends from Too Hot To Handle, having been spotted on Instagram with Hunter, Isaac, Dre, Bryce, Hannah and Elys - but there's no sign of Christine.

He's also recently taken a trip to Hollywood, and has kept his followers up to date with what he's been up to while there, with one picture taken in front of the Ovation Hollywood shopping centre.

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