Are Roxanne and Antonio still together? The Ultimatum season 2 update

Here's where Roxanne and Antonio are now, following their time on the Netflix dating show

Roxanne and Antonio on The Ultimatum
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Now that The Ultimatum season two has wrapped up, fans want to know if Roxanne and Antonio are still together.

Reality matchmaking show The Ultimatum follows five couples in which one partner has issued - you guessed it - an ultimatum: to get married or break up. Over the course of the experiment, the couples must split up and enter a trial marriage with someone else, before deciding whether they want to marry their original partner or split up for good. 

Season two of the Netflix show has brought plenty of twists and turns, with one dramatic exit leaving viewers wondering if Lisa and Brian are still together, while others are asking the same of Ryann and James and Kat and Alex. Another couple that went through the process is Roxanne and Antonio, and fans of The Ultimatum are keen to find out if they went the distance...

Are Roxanne and Antonio still together?

Yes, Roxanne and Antonio are still together. However, the pair revealed in the reunion episode that they don't currently have any wedding plans, with Roxanne maintaining that marriage was not a priority for her.

Some viewers might have been shocked to hear that the pair had gone the distance, after spotting that Roxanne had not been wearing her engagement ring in her social media posts. At the reunion, she revealed that she found it "weird" and "possessive" to be wearing a ring when Antonio didn’t have to wear one. She admitted that she kept the ring in a box.

Roxanne and Antonio on The Ultimatum

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This led to tension at the reunion, with Antonio telling Roxanne that her decision to not wear the ring is "almost like your lack of pride in me, and you don’t want to show anybody that you’re engaged."

Fortunately, things seem to have blown over since then, as in a recent interview with Bustle Roxanne said, "Being engaged is huge for me, I feel a different level of commitment to someone, which is dope. I love it, it’s cool. I still am shocked to be in this place, but I’m happy to be in this place."

Meanwhile, Antonio added, "Roxanne and I are finally able to explore what it’s like to not worry about finances as much and really just enjoy each other and get to know what it’s like to be in a relationship with each other where all of our needs are met.

"It’s been a great experience since we got back. I’ve never been more sure about something in my life. I’ve got this confidence that I haven’t had before and this feeling that I’ve made the right decision and I’m on the right path. It’s very empowering, and I’ve kind of hit a new stride. So life’s pretty good."

What happened between Roxanne and Antonio on The Ultimatum?

Antonio gave Roxanne an ultimatum to get married, and at the end of the show she accepted his proposal. However, the pair by no means had a smooth ride.

Roxanne made it very clear to the other cast members that she was bothered by Antonio’s lack of career ambition and she was also not interested in ever getting married, saying that she was looking for someone more career-oriented. Meanwhile, Antonio felt that marriage was the natural next step for them.

Early on in the season, Roxanne hit it off with fellow cast member Alex, who she bonded with over being an entrepreneur and not being ready for marriage. She chose Alex for her trial marriage, and Antonio picked Alex's original partner Kat, because he said he could feel how affectionate Kat was.

Initially, Roxanne and Alex got along well while Kat and Antonio’s trial marriage was stuck in the friend zone, with Antonio unable to stop thinking about Roxanne. But ultimately neither pair were happy with their swap.

Roxanne and Alex in The Ultimatum

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Roxanne ended her trial marriage with Alex after he lied to her parents about opening the door for her, and they also got into a fight after Alex told Antonio that Roxanne doesn’t respect him. Roxanne called him a liar, saying she never said that.

When Roxanne and Antonio reunite, they cleared the air and Antonio admitted he knew early on in the experiment that she was the one for him.

When it came to proposal day, Roxanne admitted she had no idea what she would say until she was in the moment. Antonio told her, "I have a lot of things to be thankful for and I have a lot of things to thank you for," and after a tense moment Roxanne said "yes".

She added, "I came here today not knowing what I was going to say. What I’ve learned is that love is patient and love is so kind."

Where is Roxanne Kaiser now?

Since The Ultimatum finished filming, Roxanne has continued to make her business a priority, continuing to post updates on her Instagram - including a video of her building a pop-up shop.

During the reunion, she revealed, "Since the proposal, it’s been an adjustment. Good and bad."

She shared that she is still the "provider" in their relationship and she expects to hold onto that role as Antonio builds his business, adding, "We’re still not where I want to be. Antonio has made great strides. It’s a hustle. And now we’re both entrepreneurs. And it’s tough, but we’re getting there."

Where is Antonio Mattei now?

Antonio revealed that he purchased a car wash in South Georgia and plans to turn it into a car customization shop - so Roxanne may get the career-focused partner she was looking for after all.

Speaking to TODAY, Roxanne revealed, "Antonio opened a business a month ago," adding, "Antonio and I are growing together. I feel like we’re closer than ever, which is cool. Never thought it would happen."

Meanwhile, Antonio said, "I’ve never been happier in my life. Put it that way. It’s really the happiest that I can ever remember myself being, ever. So things are good."

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