Are Ryann and James still together? The Ultimatum season 2 update

Fans of The Ultimatum want to know if high school sweethearts Ryann and James are still together

Ryann and James holding hands on The Ultimatum
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The final episodes of The Ultimatum have arrived on Netflix, and viewers are eager to know if Ryann and James are still together.

Netflix matchmaking series The Ultimatum has returned for season two, and fans of the show are already keen to know the fates of the couples. The show follows five couples in which one partner is keen to get married, as they temporarily break up and get paired with a member of another couple for three weeks in a trial marriage. Then, the original couples will live together for a further three weeks, at the end of which each person must decide if they want to 'marry or move on'.

The Ultimatum season two cast have seen some shocking twists and turns throughout the series, with that bombshell in episode three leaving viewers wanting to know if Lisa and Brian are still together, following their abrupt exit. And much like fans of the show also want to know who is still together from The Ultimatum season one, now the same is being asked of this year's participants. Here's everything we know about where Ryann and James are now - but be warned, there's **** serious spoilers **** ahead...

Are Ryann and James still together?

Yes, Ryann and James are still together and they have a wedding date set for 30 September, which they revealed in The Ultimatum season two reunion. James said in the final episode, "I always knew it was Ryann. I've always known. The experience showed me what I needed to do to make it a reality."

James also shared that he proposed to Ryann a second time during a weekend trip to the mountains after filming ended. He said he did this for "a more intimate experience", with Ryann adding, "It was more unexpected and natural. It took me by surprise."

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TV fans who have been following the couple closely might not be surprised to find out that things went well for them. James kept a number of loving Instagram posts dedicated to Ryann up on his social media page throughout the time the show was airing.

He captioned a post from September 2022, which is believed to be when The Ultimatum season two was filming, "Happy Birthday to my personal super woman😍 24 has never looked so good."

In addition, some eagle-eyed viewers noticed clips in the show where it appeared both James and Ryann were wearing wedding or engagement rings, which led many to speculate this might be either a subtle hint or an editing blunder signifying that the pair had a happy ending in the finale.

And the big hint was on Ryann's Instagram, with several photos she posted after The Ultimatum finished filming showing her wearing what appeared to be an engagement ring on her ring finger. 

What happened between Ryann and James on The Ultimatum?

In the final episode of The Ultimatum season two, James proposed to Ryann. She said yes, and the couple left the show engaged. 

Ryann had been the ultimatum giver in their relationship, feeling that she was ready for the next step in their relationship and saying that, after seven years together, James "should know for sure" by now that she’s his forever partner.

Meanwhile, James wanted to finish school at North Carolina State University and spend some time focusing on his career before tying the knot.

During the show, Ryann and James were paired off with Trey and Riah respectively for their trial marriage. Ryann and Trey got on well from the start, and Trey even admitted that he had "caught feelings" for Ryann. 

But while Riah and James seemed to get along platonically, there was no romantic connection, and the pair butted heads over James' difficulty with expressing his emotions. James described intimacy as an "all or nothing" kind of deal, following the revelation that he had cheated on Ryann in the past and implying that he was not willing to be intimate with anyone else. 

After Trey made it obvious he was into Ryann, James admitted that he knows Ryann is the love of his life - although Ryann was slightly irked that it took going on a reality dating show for him to realise it.

Ryann and Trey on The Ultimatum

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Once the trial marriages were over and Ryann and James moved in together, the pair had an explosive row. James revealed some intense personal struggles that Ryann wishes had been brought up sooner, but ultimately it looks like the fight has brought them closer together

In the finale, James proposed to Ryann, explaining that while he couldn't say he was in a "perfect place" to start a life together, he "wouldn't want to handle all these problems" with anyone else.

Ryann accepted the proposal and shared that she was thankful they signed up for the show, because it helped James open up about the difficult times in his childhood. She said: "Hearing your side of things, all the deep emotional things we talked about, I know that if I didn't bring you here you wouldn't have told me those things."

Where is Ryann McCracken now?

Ryann is still working as a Radiologic Technologist, as per her Instagram bio, and she's been sharing plenty of snippets of what she's been up to in the months since The Ultimatum finished filming. 

In May, she attended her brother's graduation, and she's spent plenty of time partying with friends and getting out in nature, with lots of snaps of her by lakes and beaches. She's clearly an animal lover too, as she's posted several photos featuring her dog as well as a newer addition the family, Pepper the rabbit.

Where is James Morris now?

James is less active on social media, but in the reunion episode of The Ultimatum it was revealed that he has now moved in with Ryann and her family, after he previously lived away while still in college.

The pair revealed that they are looking for their first home together, but are currently living as "one big happy family."

Ryann said of James at the reunion: "He's always been an only child so him having to experience siblings and how annoying they are sometimes ... it's showing him how it's going to be in the future when we have kids and a family. It's a reality check. It's going to be kind of chaotic sometimes." She added: "It's been good for us."

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