Are Lisa and Brian still together? The Ultimatum season 2 update

The couple's shock exit from the show has left viewers wanting to know what happened to Lisa and Brian after The Ultimatum

Lisa and Brian on The Ultimatum
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Season two of The Ultimatum has arrived on Netflix, and viewers are keen to know if Lisa and Brian are still together. 

The Ultimatum is known for producing shock twists and explosive revelations, and the season two cast are no different. The show sees five couples undergo trial marriages to help them decide whether they want to tie the knot with their long-term partner or break up for good, and tension rose between Lisa and Brian when the latter formed a new connection with a fellow contestant.

Viewers have plenty of questions surrounding the show, from where The Ultimatum is filmed to the fate of the contestants like Ryann and James and who is still together from season one. Now, TV fans are asking similar questions of Lisa and Brian, after the couple abruptly left the expriment just three episodes in. Here's everything we know about where Lisa and Brian are now...

Are Lisa and Brian still together?

Yes, Lisa and Brian are still together. The pair have shared in interviews since The Ultimatum's premiere that they are grateful for their time on the show, despite the fact that the couple aren't yet engaged. 

Speaking to People, Lisa revealed, "It definitely brought us a lot more self-awareness in regards to [us] emotionally. It’s easy for him to notice when I’m triggered about something or when I’m upset about something. He takes those things very, very seriously now. And as well as me, I’ve noticed how I communicate with him a lot more easily now, and I’m a lot more observant to him and being communicable about what he wants and things of that nature."

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Brian added, "We were super vulnerable, and obviously for the world to see and for us to see as well. It definitely opened our minds up more about what we were experiencing and it made us more willing to actually work on those things."

And Brian has been seen to defend Lisa on social media after their explosive argument on the first episode of The Ultimatum. In the comments section of Lisa's post from the show's premiere party, Brian wrote, "A lot of chatting and lip wrestling in my lady's comments but y'all aren't even half the woman she is. Too many perspectives off of 30 min of tv with not enough context."

Lisa responded to his comment, writing "honey" and adding a kissy-face emoji and a rose emoji.

What happened between Lisa and Brian on The Ultimatum?

Lisa and Brian left The Ultimatum in episode three, after finding out that Lisa was pregnant. The couple made the decision after Lisa received a positive test result, and the pair didn't appear on the show again.

The couple had decided to take part in the TV experiment after Lisa issued Brian with an ultimatum. While Lisa said she was ready to settle down, Brian explained that he was "hesitant to pop the question due to Lisa’s jealousy issues and her tendency to turn disagreements into explosive arguments."

And it didn't take long for Brian's words to ring true with viewers, with the couple having a heated argument in episode one of the show. Brian was seen flirting with Riah - a fellow cast member who wasn't ready to commit to her boyfriend Trey - and the pair hit it off, with Riah later revealing to the others that she was most interested in getting to know Brian.

This upset Lisa, and when Riah and Brian went off to talk, she interrupted their conversation, going on to tell Brian: "F*** you, I'm done!" and storming off.

Brian and Lisa arguing on The Ultimatum

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Episode two brought with it the dinner date, in which the contestants had to pick their new partner for a trial marriage. It was then that co-host Nick Lachey dropped the bombshell that Lisa and Brian had decided to leave the experiment early, after Lisa discovered she was pregnant. 

In episode three, viewers got to see the moment that Lisa told Brian she was pregnant, but after this clip the pair did not reappear in the show.

During the on-camera conversation, Brian said he was "surprised" at first, but his emotions quickly turned to excitement. "Wow, this is a lot, but I'm happy," he said. "I'm super happy."

"I was nervous to tell you, not knowing what your reaction would be," Lisa told him at the time, later acknowledging that "the baby doesn't fix the problems that we have."

Did Lisa and Brian have a baby?

Yes, Lisa and Brian have had a baby together. Season two of The Ultimatum was filmed between September and November 2022, meaning their baby was born in spring 2023.

Brian confirmed the news that the baby had arrived in an interview with People, in which he referred to himself and Lisa as "parents". He said: "And as parents, I think it gives us a little bit more of the softness that we need. Even though a lot of people don't see that, we have a really great friendship and just relationship as a whole."

And in an exclusive interview with E! News, Lisa shared, "We have a baby boy! He's so cute," also revealing that their baby is now four months old.

Where is Lisa Horne now?

Lisa has been keeping fairly quiet on social media since The Ultimatum aired, which is typical of reality dating shows in order to avoid spoiling the ending for viewers.

In fact, she has even kept her pregnancy under wraps, and hasn't posted photos with Brian or of herself pregnant on her Instagram. 

"I don't have any regrets in regards to how it worked out, especially with the pregnancy because that has been an amazing journey in itself," Lisa told People in a recent interview, adding: "Of course, I have regrets of how certain things unfolded ... just my reaction in regards to the cocktail party and how that unfolded. Obviously, that is the only regret I have."

She added, "In regards to our time on the show and how I had to leave the show, no regrets on that because it really gave me time to have a healthy pregnancy, which is what I needed"

Where is Brian Okoye now?

Brian has been keeping similarly quiet on social media, and is not a regular poster on Instagram. However, it looks like he's started his own marketing agency, called Spiral, which he said is expected to get underway in winter 2023. 

In addition, Brian shared in an interview with E! that he's enjoying being a dad. He said that fatherhood has been "amazing," and shared that he and Lisa "live every day wanting to be better people" for their child.

Acknowledging the fact that the pair aren't yet married, Brian added that the couple are prioritising co-parenting. He said: "We're forming a bond every day," he said. "When he sees us, he's smiling. It's beautiful."

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