Kate Garraway reveals she was told husband Derek 'may have died' in awful hospital mistake

Kate Garraway
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Kate Garraway has spoken of her horror at being told her husband Derek Draper 'may have died', only to discover it had been an error.

The Good Morning Britain (opens in new tab) star has revealed the unexpected heartache she encountered.

Kate, 52, who is set to reveal her heartbreaking ordeal in an upcoming ITV documentary Finding Derek (opens in new tab), has recalled the hours of agony she faced ahead of learning Derek's fate.

Speaking to The Times newspaper, the mum-of-two to daughter Darcey (opens in new tab), 14, and son Billy (opens in new tab), 11, revealed, "I was just sitting on the phone, waiting to know if he’d died or not."

Derek was admitted to the hospital last March with Covid-19. Kate had contacted ITV's Dr Hilary Jones for advice as Derek's symptoms worsened before he was rushed to the hospital. But he had to be placed in a medically induced coma on April 5 and he has suffered long-term effects ever since. Meanwhile, Kate has continued to juggle work and parenting their two children.

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Speaking about the moment she was left wondering if her husband was died or not, Kate said she was told "He may have died. Somebody will call you back."

Kate had Derek's condition confirmed within a day - but spent hours agonising whether she would have to tell children Darcey and Billy that their dad Derek had tragically not made it.

She added, "Then it turned out that somebody had died who had a similar name to his."

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Kate previously spoke of her heartache at her husband being a changed man, after visiting him over the Christmas period. She also told viewers of her devastation (opens in new tab) at not being able to visit her husband with the ongoing lockdown restrictions.

Kate's new book The Power of Hope (opens in new tab) is available to pre-order now ahead of its release next month which aims to help other people in difficulty.