Mrs Hinch fans share genius 'boiled cola' hack for reviving burned pans

Mrs Hinch
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Mrs Hinch fans are recommending a genius 'boiled cola' hack for anyone whose pans have been ruined by thick charring and sticky burns.

Mrs Hinch cleaning tips have taken social media by storm, with the cleaning influencer, whose real name is Sophie Hichliffe, having gained over four million followers since she started her account in 2018.

Now, Hinchers have been inspired once again, sharing another genius cleaning hack online, this time for stainless steel pots.

It's ideal if you want to remove those stubborn thick layers of burn from your pans that you can't quite seem to get to budge.

Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, recently launched a new homeware line at Tesco, with items starting at £1.50, allowing her followers to add a touch of Hinch style to their own homes.

Even though we're always here for the insanely unique cleaning tips, the Instagram sensation also shared a super clever, bargain eyebrow hack on social media last week - and our minds are blown.

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Online cleaning pages with thousands of die-hard Hinching followers have confirmed the results of this smart cola trick, as one commenter said the dirt, "came straight off" her charred pan.

Sharing step by step instructions on how to achieve the shiny pans once more, the Facebook post reads, "Boil coke in it then let it sit for an hour."

Another user pointed out that other sugary fizzy pop works just as well, too, adding, “Saw a hack that boiled Sprite and then rinsed when the colour changed.”

Burnt pan

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One more pointed out that a raw potato and salt would help do the trick too, writing, "Dip a cut potato in salt and rub...Or sprinkle baking soda in, cover with water and boil for 15 minutes (don't let it boil dry).

Some well known Instagram and Twitter pages also recommend using Coca Cola to descale your kettles and stoves.

Other hacks out on the web include using a dishwasher tablet, washing powder, a Brillo pad or bleach.

A few users recommend Pink Stuff paste, which is a Mrs Hinch favourite and promises to be "ideal for cleaning saucepans".

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