When does Married at First Sight finish - and which couples have stayed together?

Couples toasting as the date for when Married at First Sight UK finishes is announced

The drama of last night's show has fans wondering, when does Married at Sight finish? 

Whether it's the UK version or Married at First Sight Australia - many question whether the show is legally binding, as couples in this show act as though the people they stood next to at the altar in that first episode are really their husband or wife. The concept has put many people through their paces over the season, which began in August this year. Some couples, such as Ant and Nikita, didn’t make it to the end. 

But some couples certainly have and that's another revelation that's set to feature in the upcoming shows. 

When does Married at First Sight finish?

This season of Married at First Sight ends on Monday October 4 at 9pm.

Dating experts Mel Schilling, Paul C Brunson and Charlene Douglas will get together for a reunion episode with all 16 contestants for a review of the series.

Nikita, Jordon, Ant and Alexis, who all left the show during the course of filming, are also likely to come back for a look at their time on MAFS.

But the drama began on Wednesday night as more couples decided whether to renew their vows or to call it quits on the relationship. The next set of couples were supposed to either renew their vows or separate on Thursday September 30. However, Channel 4's ongoing technical problems meant that a repeat of Wednesday night's episode of MAFS was played instead of the new episode. The second vow renewal episode then took place on Friday October 1.

Which couples have stayed together?

The couples who have decided to renew their vows are: 

  • Josh and Amy
  • Morag and Luke
  • Tayah and Adam
  • Daniel and Matt
  • Marilyse and Franky

MAFS’ second dramatic vow renewals took place on Friday night with all couples deciding to stay together. 

Josh and Amy's vow renewal ceremony also started on Wednesday evening but it was delayed with a cliff hanger moment. Picking it up again two days later, the two decided to stay together despite some bumpy moments in their relationship.

At one point, Amy reminded Josh, "You called me needy and let me tell you, I’m a strong independent woman, I don’t need anyone."

She said, "I ask myself am I being mugged off? Am I wasting my time on someone who is just not that into me? But, as I was giving up, you fought for us and stepped up to meet me at my level where you’ve continued climbing."

In turn, Josh revealed that Amy had some moments he didn't like, saying she could be "selfish" sometimes. "But despite the difficulties we faced, I can truly see why we were matched," he said. "You are an incredible woman who brought things out in me that I never knew existed."

Morag and Luke were the next couple to renew their vows on Friday night's show.

Luke said that he had to do some soul-searching and asked himself some hard questions about their relationship over the week the couple were apart.

Luke admitted to having done some soul-searching and asking himself some hard questions over their week apart. He recalled their highs and lows and admitted that he felt emotionally ahead in their relationship. He said he was worried about getting hurt by being with Morag and was scared about what could happen next. But ultimately, he said that was what he considered love to be and confirmed he wanted to stay with her.

In turn, Morag said she signed up to the show with the idea of a "ready-made man and not a project" in her future. She said she realised they were "polar opposites", questioning whether Luke's intentions were truly "genuine" and she also outlined other fears for their relationship.

“I worry you are not putting your own needs and desires first,” she said.

However, she confirmed she did want to make it work as a couple and said they had a future together.

Morag and Luke attending the second dinner party earlier in the series of MAFS UK

Despite some concerns, Morag and Luke decided to renew their vows and stay together, Credit: Channel 4.

Tayah and Adam were the last couple to renew their vows on Friday night. The two have had a relatively relaxed time throughout the series, appearing to get to know each other quite quickly.

During their time spent apart before the vow renewal, Tayah said she was worried that Adam would have second thoughts about giving up his single life - especially as he hadn't had a girlfriend before. But when it came to crunch time, Tayah made her feelings clear to Adam and in response, Adam made a very big gesture.

He said there was something "missing" from their relationship, despite it being an overall "perfect" experience.

While fans held their breath, Adam got down on one knee and proposed to Tayah.

Matt and Daniel are the series’ first ever same sex couple. Initially it looked like their relationship could have been heading for the rocks as Daniel listed some of the potential difficulties they may face as a couple in the future, saying “do I need to be cruel to be kind?”.

However in their vow renewal episode on Wednesday, he said, “The truth of the matter is...I’m in love with you. I love you Matthew.

“So come on, let’s get out of here. Let’s make memories, let’s make mistakes and let’s grow together this amazing connection that we have so we can both achieve what we really want in our lives.”

During the ceremony, Matt went on to tell Daniel that he was his “best friend” as well as being his life partner. 

He added, “I will always have your back and you will always have my heart.” 

Marilyse and Franky have had a difficult time throughout the series. In one of the latest episodes, Marilyse told her ‘husband’ that she couldn’t move to Dubai where he currently lives as she has children to look after in the UK. 

To this decision, Franky replied, “Everybody in life says ‘ideally this’, ‘ideally that’, OK? I also said ideally, maybe she doesn’t have kids.” 

It was a tense moment for the couple as Marylise said she was “offended” by the statement as “I have got children, so I don’t want that to be a problem.”

However the couple decided to remain together in the final renewal of vows yesterday with Franky declaring his love for Marylise. 

It did look like Marylise wasn’t going to say the same, though, as she said, “I really don’t want to hurt you...but we have had a few struggles along the way, which did make me question our relationship. I didn’t know if we were right for each other…” 

But she continued, “I do want you to be part of my world. Let’s take each and every day as it comes...thank you for being my husband in this experiment. I couldn’t have gone through this with anyone else other than you.” 

How many episodes of Married at First Sight UK are there?

There are 21 episodes of MAFS UK

The sixth series of the UK version aired its first episode on Monday August 30 at 9pm, followed by a new instalment every Monday to Thursday. 

Luke and Morag, Megan and Robert from Married at First Sight UK

Luke and Morag, Megan and Robert are two of the couples who will have their ceremony, Credit: Getty.

When Married at First Sight does finish though, there are plenty more exciting dramas to be had. Catch up on the latest episodes of everyone's favourite baking show on All4 as Bake Off has started again for 2021. Then head over to BBC iPlayer on October 4 after the final, as the first episode of new drama Ridley Road starts on the channel.

How to apply for Married at First Sight UK 2022

If you want a piece of the drama yourself, you can apply for MAFS 2022 by emailing the production company. Include your name, age and contact number in your first email.  

The email you need is: marriedatfirstsight@cplproductions.co.uk

You must be over 18 years of age to enter the show. But that’s one of the only requirements to be chosen. 

The Channel 4 series matches selected people with others who are supposedly their ideal type. But the catch, and it’s a big one, is that they only meet on the day of the wedding. 

Camera crews then follow the couple through the first few months of marriage. This includes all the ups and downs it contains, to see whether they grow closer or apart after getting married.

This season of MAFS UK followed a slightly different format to the seasons in previous years, however. This time it's more similar to the Australian format. The couples have group therapy sessions and dinners together after getting back from their honeymoons. 

All couples also have to take part in a so-called “yes week”. This is where one person takes control of all the decisions made in the relationship for one week. Their spouse has to go along with whatever they decide.

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