When is Springwatch starting and who are the presenters for 2022?

We're days away from Springwatch starting and with plenty of wildlife moments ahead and the return of familiar faces, it promises to be well worth the wait. 

Springwatch 2022,Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan, Iolo Williams
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We're only days away from Springwatch starting and with plenty of breath-taking wildlife moments ahead and the return of familiar faces, it promises to be well worth the wait.  

From the moment Winterwatch (opens in new tab) ended on 28th January nature enthusiasts have likely been excitedly looking forward to the return of the programme’s original spring edition, Springwatch. Taking viewers on an enlightening journey every year from May until mid-June, Springwatch highlights the UK’s extraordinary wildlife at one of the most productive times of year for the animal kingdom. 

For anyone yet to enjoy the nightly instalments of Springwatch, if you love the cosiness of fellow BBC shows The Great British Sewing Bee (opens in new tab) and were fascinated by the natural landscapes of The Essex Serpent (opens in new tab), this could be just what you’ve been looking for. 

Here we reveal when Springwatch is starting and who the Springwatch presenters 2022 are ahead of the return of the BAFTA-winning nature show…

When is Springwatch starting?

The Spring Equinox might have arrived on March 20th 2022, but there’s nothing quite like the return of BBC’s Springwatch to show that spring has truly sprung. And there’s good news for fans of the ultimate seasonal nature show as Springwatch is starting again on Monday 30th May at 8pm on BBC Two

The new season of Springwatch will then entertain viewers every night Monday-Thursday for almost a month, ending on Friday, 17th June. This means there’s plenty of time for viewers to really get to know and appreciate the stories of the wildlife shown on the long-running series.


With nest cameras to get viewers up close and personal with beautiful and fascinating creatures without disturbing them, Springwatch provides viewers with a unique look at the UK’s wildlife. The live elements are also set to be mixed once again with pre-recorded films shining a light on different species, nature lovers and landscapes across the country. 

As revealed by the BBC (opens in new tab), Springwatch 2022 will also feature an especially calming section called Mindfulness Moments with “comforting sounds of nature” and videos of “rare pictures”. Viewers can also look forward to insights about the birth of wild badgers, cuttlefish romance and even a brilliant peak at the homes of the elusive greater horseshoe bat. 

Who are the Springwatch presenters 2022?

Back in action as Springwatch 2022 presenters are Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan, as well as Iolo Williams and Megan McCubbin. Teasing the wildlife delights that lie in store for Springwatch fans this year, Chris explained that the new series will follow everything from puffins to boars. 

Springwatch 2022 presenter Chris Packham


“We have recorded some amazing stories and watched dramas unfold in nests, ponds, and forests across the UK. Audiences will also get a peek into the life of young boars, who explore and affect the forest around them from a very early age,” he revealed. “We also have a great story about the breeding journeys of colourful Puffins at Skomer Island.”

When Springwatch 2022 starts, the presenters will be spread far and wide to bring viewers the most compelling animal stories around. Chris and Michaela, who have been Springwatch presenters for 13 and 10 years respectively, will be based at Wild Ken Hill in Norfolk where they’ll be showcasing the wildlife diversity of the local area. 

Springwatch 2022 presenter Michaela Strachan


A particularly unique addition this year will be remote live cameras that are set to give Springwatch fans a unique insight into the social structure and daily lives of a bee colony.

Meanwhile, Megan McCubbin, who joined as Springwatch presenter in 2020, will be undertaking an exciting road trip from Kielder Forest in Northumberland to Hauxley Nature Reserve and then ending up in Newcastle. And whilst his fellow hosts remain on the mainland, Iolo Williams is heading to the Isle of Mull.

Springwatch presenters Iolo Williams and Megan McCubbin


Described as one of his “favourite wildlife havens of all time”, the Hebridean island is understood to be home to 30 golden eagle territories, and 22 pairs of white-tailed eagles. Iolo will also be introduced to a local adder expert and learn more about the creatures that reside in the wild meadows. 

With the start of Springwatch 2022 now just a few days away, the latest series promises to be just as eye-opening and captivating as fans have come to expect. Will you be tuning in this year?

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