Kiosk Cledwyn, who is Cledwyn on I'm A Celebrity?
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Each time I'm A Celebrity contestants successfully complete a Castle Coin Challenge they get the chance to meet Cledwyn when they spend the bag of coins in Ye Olde Shoppe in the Gwrych Castle but some viewers are wondering who is Cledwyn on I’m A Celebrity?

When the show was filmed in Australia, campmates used to head down to the Australian Outback Shack and choose what they would like to buy from Kiosk Kev but since the show has been filmed in Wales, Kiosk Kev - real name Mark Herlaar - has been replaced by his long-lost Welsh cousin.

Earlier on in the series, the contestants have purchased flapjacks, which they had to share between the group, and in episode six, the team bought half a chocolate orange, a packet of fruit pastilles, five Biscoff biscuits, and some cheese and biscuits. But unlike bushtucker trials, viewers cannot vote for who they want to take on the Castle Coin Challenges.

Who won I'm A Celebrity 2021? has since been revealed.

And as the series almost draws to an end, have you worked out who is Cledwyn? Here's all you need to know...

Who is Cledwyn on I’m A Celebrity?

Cledwyn on I'm A Celebrity is the name of the man in charge of Ye Olde Shoppe in the castle. He was introduced as Kiosk Cledwyn - the UK's long-lost cousin of Kiosk Kev - last year as due to lockdown, bosses were unable to fly Kev over from Australia.

Not much is known about the real identity of Kiosk Cledwyn but in this series, he wasn't uncovered until four episodes in and fans had started to wonder where he was.

In the first two episodes of the 2021 series, cakes and biscuits were won by celebs without Cledwyn's intervention, and people were clearly missing him.

One person tweeted, 'Has anyone else noticed there's no Kiosk Cledwyn this year?'

Another fan asked, 'Where's Kiosk Cledwyn this year?'

But show bosses didn't disappoint as Kiosk Cledwyn is back and his stare is as stern as ever.

He even has his own Twitter account which you can find with the handle @kioskcled and has just 370 followers - so why not give him a follow.

He tweeted his delight at his return to the series, 'I can’t wait to meet them in my shop#CledIsBack #ImACeleb.'

Viewers saw Louise Minchin and Emmerdale star Danny Miller lose the chance to win Scotch eggs or fried egg sweets as their campmates got the answer to the trivia question wrong.

Frankie Bridge and Naughty Boy became the first successful shoppers at Ye Olde Shoppe, bringing back three flapjacks for campmates.

And episode six saw newcomers Simon Gregson and Adam Woodyatt pick from a selection of treats by writing their requests down on a chalkboard, as the live show had to be cancelled due to storm Arwen fears.

But we're sure there will be plenty of more opportunities to see Kiosk Cledwyn in this series, providing you know what days is I'm a Celebrity on?

For anyone who missed what he looks like, here's a picture of him below...

Kiosk Cledwyn, Who is Cledwyn on I'm A Celebrity?

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What is Cledwyn meaning?

The name Cledwyn is primarily a male name of Welsh origin that means Hard And Fair. A fitting name considering like all past Kiosk workers, he doesn't ever smile - except for last year when viewers were delighted to see Kiosk Cledwyn almost crack a smile after contestants Hollie Arnold and Giovanna Fletcher - who later won the series - blew kisses at him after winning some jelly beans.

Cledwyn's mustache twitched slightly as he attempted to mask his very small smile.

It has been confirmed that Kiosk Cledwyn takes his name from Labour politician Cledwyn Hughes who served as Secretary of State in the sixties.

Cledwyn on I'm A Celebrity got the first look around the revamped castle before the contestants and you can see him stand pride of place in his kiosk before the snacks were set up.

Who is Kiosk Cledwyn in real life?

Not much is known about him but there is some speculation that he is an actor. He has appeared in a Tesco advert, which signals a career in acting.

In the advert, a voice-over told Cledwyn it was ok if he was naughty, saying, "Ah ha, Kiosk Cledwyn. Feeling guilty for giving the campmates such teeny tiny portions?

"Well, after this year, Tesco says there is no naughty list. So you can treat yourself."

The I'm A Celeb newcomer then lifts a dish to recover an amazing tray of party food.

One person wrote at the time, 'Kiosk Cledwyn is now doing ads for Tesco!?' and another added, 'WHAT’S THIS TESCO ADVERT YES CLEDWYN MY MAN.'

Ye Olde Shoppe owner Cledwyn's identity hasn't been revealed by ITV, but fans do think he has an uncanny resemblance to TV presenter Dick Strawbridge.

'Is Dick Strawbridge moonlighting as Kiosk Cledwyn?' asked one fan last year.

Another said, 'Has anyone seen @dickstrawbridge and Kiosk Cledwyn in the same room recently?'

Kiosk Cledwyn and Dick Strawbridge

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You've got to admit, the resemblance is canny!

In June, Dick appeared via video link on This Morning with Angel at their France Chateau and he was sporting a beard as well as his signature moustache. I guess viewers will just have to wait and see...

I'm A Celebrity airs nightly on ITV at 9pm until the final on 12th December

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