Where does Tyson Fury live? Inside the boxer's £1.7m mansion

Viewers of new Netflix show At Home With The Furys want to know more about the mansion Tyson Fury and his family live in

Tyson Fury and his family sat on a sofa in the mansion where they live
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Following At Home With The Furys' release on Netflix, fans want to know where Tyson Fury lives.

Professional boxer Tyson Fury - nicknamed 'The Gypsy King' - has had an impressive career in the sport, and has held the World Boxing Council heavyweight title since 2020. But fans want to know more about the sportsman's life outside the ring, from who Tyson Fury's wife is (that'll be Paris Fury, who's currently pregnant with the couple's seventh child) to where the boxer lives.

Thanks to the release of At Home With The Furys, a new Netflix doc that delves into the heavyweight champion's family life post-retirment, fans have got some answers to their burning questions. And as the documentary offers glimpses into the Fury family's luxurious mansion, many want to know exactly where it is.

Where does Tyson Fury live?

Tyson Fury lives in Morecambe in a £1.7m mansion. He lives with his wife, Paris, and their six children, and it's reported that the family moved there in 2020, after leaving their previous £550,000 home.

The property was built on a plot of land that previously was home to a static caravan, but the former owner demolished the site and replaced it with the lavish stone-clad mansion that the Fury family now occupy.

The home has a gold theme, with gold curtains, gold radiators, ornate gold furniture and accessories, as well as a pair of lavish throne-style chairs. The couple clearly have a love of luxury, as they also own a large Versace-branded mirror in a gold frame, and there are chandeliers all over the property.

Paris often shares glimpses into the luxurious mansion through her posts on Instagram, which show the home has tiled floors and wooden accents throughout. One video posted in December showed the vast kitchen with red marble countertops.

She also posted another video of a playhouse being put up for their children in the property's large garden, showing ornate stone structures and rattan garden furniture, with high hedges in the background. The family reportedly have a water fountain on their drive too, as well as huge Gypsy King logo.

And Paris is often seen posing in front of a Nordheimer piano.

With a love of designer goods, it's fitting that the property also has a walk-in wardrobe, as both Paris and Tyson are fans of Versace clothing items. In fact, Paris' show collection alone is reportedly worth an estimated £50,000.

Boxer Tyson has boasted about having an expensive property portfolio, previously claiming he had bought a mansion in Marbella for £6m, as well as a home in Las Vegas - though neither of these claims have been confirmed.

Though The Gypsy King reportedly has no plans to leave Morecambe, saying in a previous ITV documentary: "People say to me, 'Why don't you live in California or America?' - why would I? Why would I abandon my own country for a bit of money and some fame? I love it. I would never leave Morecambe. It's true beauty. If the weather was better, every house here would be a million quid."

Where do Tommy Fury and Molly Mae live?

Tyson Fury's brother, Tommy, lives in Cheshire with his fiancé Molly Mae. Their home reportedly costs a huge £3.5m, and includes a gym, walk-in wardrobe and a hot tub.

The pair bought their home at the end of 2022, and social media influencer Molly documented much of the renovation and decorating process on Instagram. The property is mostly decorated in neutral colours with marble flooring, and there is a huge neon sign on the wall that reads "I can't wait for the adventures that we haven't even dreamed of yet" - a quote from Molly's speech to Tommy when they were on Love Island.

According the the MailOnline, the light fixture in the couples' dining area cost £1,333, while the dining table chairs cost £2,384 each.

When was At Home with The Fury's filmed?

Though there has been no confirmation as to when At Home With The Fury's was filmed, it's likely that most of the documentary was shot at then end of 2022.

This is because Molly Mae was pregnant with her and Tommy's daughter, Bambi, in some scenes of the new show, and Bambi was born in January.

Tyson Fury net worth

It has been widely reported that Tyson Fury has a net worth of roughly £50m. Much of this worth has come from his successful boxing career, which has seen him fight 34 times with 33 wins, no losses, and 1 draw.

In addition, he has three best-selling books, The Furious Method, Behind The Mask and Gloves Off, plus he has his own range of 'Furiocity' energy drinks which are earning him money.

Forbes named him as one of 2022's highest-paid athletes in the world, predicting his net worth to be around $62m (£48 million), adding, "The two-time heavyweight boxing world champion has never lost in 33 pro fights, with a 2018 draw versus Deontay Wilder the only blemish on his record."

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