The ‘affordable’ accessory Kate Middleton relies on to make 'simple outfits' look 'exciting'

“There’s lots of room to experiment”

Kate Middleton
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A jewellery expert has revealed the 'bold' accessory Kate Middleton uses to elevate her outfits from 'simple' to 'exciting'.

Kate Middleton always stuns royal fans whenever stepping out on royal engagements. Whether she's rocking camouflage and Princess Charlotte's favourite hairstyle, or accessorising with her favourite clutch bag, a bag she loves so much she has it in 12 different colours, the Princess always looks effortlessly chic.

It was no different when she stepped out at the BAFTAs last month with an affordable pair of Zara earrings dangling from her ears. The dazzling jewellery elevated the stunning but simple white Alexander McQueen dress she wore, making the outfit look even more exciting.

Ben Roberts, the Managing Director of Clogau, a Welsh-heritage jewellery brand that has an esteemed association with British royalty, has now shared how Kate uses jewellery to spruce up her outfits and revealed the ‘affordable’ accessory she relies on to make 'simple outfits' look 'exciting'. 

Kate Middleton

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Speaking to, he explained, “When it comes to fashion, history always repeats itself and we can see that in giant, 1980s-esque earrings we are seeing all over the catwalk including beloved brands like Bottega Veneta and Coach leading the trend.

"Now, the trend is slowly making its way into the red carpet style of some of our favourite fashion icons, including the Princess of Wales at the BAFTA awards."

Speaking about the statement earrings Kate wore to this year's BAFTA Awards, Roberts said, "This bold and beautiful set of earrings from high-street brand Zara really added a modern look to the Princess’ classic style.

"The gold, floral design cascaded elegantly against the Princess’ dark hair while the studded rhinestones added an extra touch of glamour.

Kate Middleton

(Image credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

"Stars on the red carpet are now thinking the bolder the better when it comes to their accessories! Donning a pair of chandelier earrings adds a touch of elegance and really brings even the simplest of outfits to the next level.

"The world is your oyster when choosing statement earrings that suit you, with some of the most popular design trends ranging from bold, geometric droplets to an ornate, waterfall of flowers like the ones worn by the Princess of Wales. There’s lots of room to experiment.

"For those who want to imitate the Princess' bold look, we’d suggest letting the earrings do all the talking, and keeping your other accessories and hairstyles to a chic minimum."

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