Climate change could stop Kate Middleton and Prince William having a fourth child, claims royal expert

While the Princess of Wales is feeling "broody", the pair having more children raises environmental concerns

Kate Middleton and Prince William
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Despite reports that Kate Middleton and Prince William are planning for another child, one royal expert has claimed that the pair are unlikely to have a fourth baby due to environmental concerns.

  • A royal expert has spoken out against claims that Kate Middleton and Prince William will have another child, saying that 'environmental concerns' make the fact unlikely
  • Citing Prince William's environmental campaigning, the expert says the environmental impact of another child would create backlash against the couple that they would rather avoid
  • The royal news follows reports that Kate Middleton and Prince William are rumoured to be planning for a fourth child

Royal fans were delighted at the rumour suggesting Kate Middleton and Prince William were planning for a fourth child, giving Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis another sibling, but their hopes have been somewhat quashed by one royal expert.

Despite reports that Kate Middleton was feeling 'broody' after a royal engagement at a Surrey maternity ward, Chris Ship, a royal editor for ITV News, has claimed that the pair are unlikely to have a fourth child due to environmental concerns.

While the two seem unrelated, Ship explains that the Prince and Princess will not have another baby in order to avoid backlash from the "green lobby", a group of people who promote environmental issues to government, the public, and business.

Kate Middleton and Prince William

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For Prince William, just as with his father King Charles III, environmental campaigning is a key mission. He chooses to use his platform to promote environmental concerns and draw attention to issues affecting the environment such as climate change. Unfortunately for the Prince of Wales, having more children is said to put strain on climate change due to an increase in CO2 emissions needed to support the newborn.

With three children already under their belt, Ship explained that William will have some concern surrounding the idea of more kids. Speaking on Sky News Australia, he said, "There's a slight serious point to this, and Harry's mentioned it before, and now William's campaigning more and more on environmental matters.

"A lot of people say that actually in the interest of the planet, you shouldn't be having four children. I'm sure William might open himself up to some criticism from that sort of green lobby if he were to have a fourth.

Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis

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"But you know, that's their choice. They're a couple, and they can choose when and if to have child number four."

Perhaps with the not to disappoint royal fans too much, Ship added, "You know, it's entirely possible, [of] course she might have a fourth, although let's remember William and Kate are in their forties now.

"I think they're done with three, that's my personal prediction, although it's entirely up to them, it's a private matter. If they want to have a fourth, I'm sure they will."

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