Kate Middleton's discipline cues for Prince George, Charlotte and Louis revealed by body language expert

The Princess of Wales' secret signal to help keep her kids in check during royal engagements

Kate Middleton
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Kate Middleton has a set of discipline cues for Prince George, Charlotte and Louis and they've been revealed by a body language expert.

It seems the royal mum is no different to other parents when it comes to needing to control their kids in public - only Kate has to discreetly discipline them in front of thousands of on-lookers.

Kate Middleton uses a variety of discipline cues to help control Prince George, Charlotte and Louis' behaviour during royal engagements, according to a body language expert.

The Princess of Wales is mum to Prince George, nine, Princess Charlotte, eight, and Prince Louis, five and while her kids schooling will change the way she adapts to royal life, she has a relatable parenting style that's been praised by parenting experts.

And the busy mum put her parenting skills to use at the weekend when they attended King Charles Trooping the Colour and birthday parade. 

Kate, who shared a carriage ride with her children and Queen Camilla is said to have used secret signals to communicate to George, Charlotte and Louis throughout the day celebrations.

Speaking about her skills of parenting in public, body language expert Judi James told Fabulous, "Kate’s firm but subtle signals ensure the children keep feeling enthusiastic and, in Louis’ case, excited.

"She beamed with pride when Louis started miming drumming along with the band in the carriage.

“Talking to her children there were a couple of gestures of what looked like guidance about when to wave."

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Among the discipline cues Kate is said to use are a "spreading gesture of both hands" - which Judi believes is quite "a severe message of when to stop or what not to do".

Judi also claims the Princess put her hands out "below public view in the carriage to mime that 'stop' or 'end' sign.

Kate Middleton, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis

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And Princess Charlotte also helped keep her brothers in check, she is said to have told Prince Louis to sit up in his seat, to which Judi noted, "he pulled up straight away with no murmur of dissent or argument."

Charlotte has been seen as the one who is 'in charge' at royal engagements so it comes as no surprise that Louis is listening to his big sister and she has been praised for the way she handled pain when her head banged with Louis'.

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Meanwhile, she also acknowledged their good behaviour using "small nods and smiles", "ensuring they were enjoying the event too" Judi added.

And Deputy Editor of Goodto.com, Heidi Scrimgeour, is a fan of Kate's parenting tactics. "I love the bit about the spreading hands gesture below public view signalling STOP .. like EVERY PARENT knows and uses that one... and beautifully countered with encouraging nods and smiles when they were behaving - a classic 'reward the behaviour you want to see more of instead of punishing the behaviour you don't...' parenting tactic!"

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And Kate's discipline cues didn't stop there. On the balcony of Buckingham Palace, Kate could be seen stroking Louis' hair.

Judi noted, "Louis turned to his mother in excitement during the flypast and his behaviour got the reward of a beaming smile from her and an affectionate approval gesture as she stroked his hair."

And she also placed her hand on his shoulder as if to calm him down.

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You can read about more discipline tricks or read about gentle parenting on Goodto.com

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