King Charles III reportedly has low-key way of keeping tabs on grandchildren Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet

They may live on the other side of the world, but the King seems to have devised a plan to keep updated on his family's lives

King Charles III and Prince Archie
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Despite his grandchildren living across the globe, King Charles III reportedly keeps updated with his grandchildren Prince Archie's and Princess Lilibet's lives by subscribing to the local newspaper for their LA neighbourhood, a publication has claimed. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's return to the UK, which was rumoured to be in the works earlier this year after Harry reportedly rang his brother to 'call a truce', is looking less and less likely as the months go by. 

When, following their wedding in 2018, Harry and Meghan moved to Montecito in LA,  many royal fans and experts alike could not see the pair being happy there. But, if Harry's recent body language is anything to go by, it's clear he has ‘reconnected with himself’ and ‘has a sense of peace’ since moving his family to the US and seems like a ‘very different’ man to the one we knew in the UK. 

But still his feud with The Firm rages on and, while Meghan wants to introduce her kids to this sport beloved by the Royal Family, there's not much else the couple have in common their fellow royals in the royal line of succession

So with radio silence on both ends of the phone, King Charles III has reportedly been forced to adopt a low-key way of keeping tabs on his grandchildren Prince Archie, five, and Princess Lilibet, two, while they live their lives nearly 5,000 miles away in America. 

Archie Mountbateen-Windsor, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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According to reports in The Scottish Daily Express, King Charles has subscribed to Harry and Meghan's local newspaper, the Montecito Journal, and reads the publication's Grapevine column which reportedly often features commentary on what the royal couple are getting up to in LA. 

One of the Montecito journalists, Eileen White Read, revealed the news in a published letter to the editor after sharing that she had bumped into Meghan at a grocery store in the local area and 'chatted briefly' with her. She then went on to describe the newspaper's readers as 'a group' of people 'that includes' King Charles.

If the reports are in fact true, we have to appreciate the clever way of keeping up-to-date with the estranged family members. While some might say it's probably easier for the King to jump on Twitter to keep tabs on what's going on across the world, we like the old-school approach. 

King Charles III and Prince Harry

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The news comes after reports that Buckingham Palace is set to make new documentary celebrating the King and there’s reportedly a ‘strict ban’ on family members mentioning Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The reports claim that the Royal Family want to leave drama behind, though we can't help but wonder if King Charles may accidentally let slip some tidbit he's picked up from the Montecito Journal's gossip column. 

Recently, the column's writer, former UK citizen Richard Mineards, reflected on Queen Elizabeth II's life and death to mark the first anniversary of her passing. He wrote, "Elizabeth was an extraordinarily unique individual, and it was a great honour to have met her a number of times during my colourful career, particularly during Silver Jubilee year in 1977, when I covered the Windsors for the London Daily Mail before moving to New York in 1978 to become gossip columnist on Rupert Murdoch's Star magazine."

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