Prince George set to face daunting travel restrictions as he grows up

Prince William experienced the same ban when he was younger

Prince George
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10-year-old Prince George is set to face some daunting travel restrictions in the next few years as his position as heir to the throne dictates how he can move around the globe. 

Prince George may be the heir to the throne, sitting second in the royal line of succession and be set to receive some serious royal titles when his dad Prince William becomes the King, but his parents are still keen to give the youngster as 'normal' of a childhood as they possibly can. 

From his mum dropping him off at school and making sure to spend quality time with him in the evenings, to enjoying traditional homegrown treats made by family friends, Prince George may currently be experiencing life in a relatively similar way to other 10-year-olds, but soon there will be some travel restrictions he will face that any youngster would be daunted by, but royal protocol means he has no choice but to follow them. 

Currently, Prince William is allowed to travel with his oldest son as he is still too young to be sent off alone, but in just two years this will be banned and George will be forced to fly abroad on a separate aircraft to the rest of his family. 

Prince George and Prince Louis

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The travel restriction is one that George's dad William also faced when he hit the age of 12 thanks to his position as heir to the throne. Speaking about the ban, King Charles' former pilot Graham Laurie told  HELLO Magazine's A Right Royal Podcast, "Interestingly, we flew all four: the Prince, the Princess, Prince William and Prince Harry, up until Prince William was 12 years old.

"After that, he had to have a separate aircraft and we could only fly all four together when they were young with the written permission of Her Majesty.

"When William became 12, he would fly normally in a 125 from Northolt and we would fly the 146 out with the other three on."

The precedent means that George will most likely go through the same experience. As The Daily Record reports, the youngster will be expected to fly separately from his father in case a tragic accident occurs while they're both traveling on the same aircraft. This would see an inescapable shakeup of the monarchy that would forever change the line of succession.

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The restriction is not the only travel-focused royal protocol the Royal Family must follow. The Daily Record reports that King Charles III, like his late mother Queen Elizabeth II before him, always has a supply of blood and a doctor with him at all times - even when he's mid-air on a plane.

Speaking about The Queen's interesting luggage, Royal expert Adam Helliker told Fabulous Digital, "She will have kept the supply topped up with regular deposits on the months before a trip abroad.

"So it’s just like someone making voluntary blood donations - the difference being that she will be the only recipient if it’s ever needed - that ‘blue blood’ will never find its way to an ordinary patient."

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