Prince George has ‘stepped up’ to help dad Prince William and mum Kate Middleton after realising they have ‘lost Uncle Harry’

"10-year-olds can often be quite mature"

Prince Harry and Prince George
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Prince George reportedly 'knows all about' Prince William and Kate Middleton's feud with 'Uncle Harry’ and is ready to 'step up' and 'help mum and dad do their job' without him. 

The previous year has been one filled with highs and lows for the royal family; the Queen's state funeral, King Charles III's Coronation, the release of Prince Harry's scathing memoir Spare, and Princess Charlottes Wimbledon debut - it's been a rollercoaster. 

But perhaps the most poignant part of all has been the lack of updates on Prince Harry's reconciliation with the Royal Family. While the allegations only came out following Harry and Meghan Markle's relocation to America when they stepped down as senior royals, we've since learned that the problems began when William and Kate got married and Harry felt that his brother was 'gone forever' as he was 'left out' of the growing Wales Family

And it's not just the public who knows all about the feud, but, sadly, Prince George appears to have 'picked up' on the fact that the Royal Family has 'lost' his 'Uncle Harry.'

Prince George and Prince Louis

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Royal expert Dr Tessa Dunlop shared with OK! Magazine her belief that the young royal has 'picked up on' the details of Prince Harry's ongoing feud with his mum, dad and grandpa and wants to 'step up' so he can help and support his family. 

She revealed, "They've lost Uncle Harry and so forth and he realises he's got to step up to it - 10-year-olds can often be quite mature.

"A lot has happened in the last 18 months for the Royal Family and they can't possibly protect him from all of it, there's been huge events, the Queen has died and that has pushed William and Kate up a gear, up a rank and by definition George as well.

"He'll be aware of that, and I get the impression that he's almost accepted to an extent, that these aspects 'come with my role being part of this unique family and I'm going to do that for mum and dad and for Grandpa'.

"We saw him embrace his role at the King's Coronation and I expect one of the ways to help him was to have some of his friends alongside him, perhaps that was part of helping George normalise his experience."

Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis

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While George may have only just hit double digits, Dr Dunlop revealed that, at this age, children are often wanting to 'look after their parents,' a fact only heightened for George thanks to his status as second in the royal line of succession

Dr Dunlop said, "They're [children are] flexible and they can be quite loyal at that age, they want to look after their parents at that age.

"He's seen his parents under considerable pressure on several fronts, the Queen dying, the succession of Charles, the fallout and the criticism from Harry and Meghan, which is on some level very personal.

"I expect George is a sensitive soul and will want to play to his role."

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