Prince Harry was never the confident "Prince Charming" he appeared to be, claims biographer

A clear a pattern in Prince Harry's romantic relationships has been revealed by a royal biographer

Prince Harry was never the confident "Prince Charming" he appeared to be, claims biographer
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A royal biographer has claimed there is a clear pattern in Prince Harry's romantic relationships that show he is not the confident Prince he appears to be.

Though he often appears as a 'Prince Charming' type figure, it is now been claimed that Prince Harry has never been particularly confident and that has left him as "very much the subordinate" in all of his romantic relationships. 

The claims come from royal expert and biographer, Duncan Larcombe, who wrote the 2017 biography Prince Harry: The Inside Story, which is available on Amazon.

Larcombe told Fox News Digital that the 38-year-old was never the confident "Prince Charming" that he appeared to be, before claiming, "That's never been Harry at all, quite the reverse," Larcombe said.

Larcombe has revealed that over the years, he has observed a clear pattern in Prince Harry's romantic relationships that says a lot about his confidence.

He explained, "Harry has changed and morphed depending on who he’s been dating," and claimed that the Prince has always been, "the boyfriend who's willing to go along and meet all the friends of the new girlfriend and just tag along." 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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Larcombe explained that this pattern has been evident since Harry's first relationship with Chelsy Davy, whom he dated on and off between 2004, when he was 19, to 2011.

Larcombe said, "Harry befriended a whole group of her chums, basically he morphed into Chelsy's friends."

The expert claims that Harry began to act like his girlfriend's friends despite never having shown an interest in the activities he now appeared to love. He said, "Before you knew it, Harry was walking around in his bare feet, sitting by campfire, paddling by in the outbacks of Africa."

Prince Harry's next serious relationship, with British model and actress Cressida Bonas, followed this same pattern, according to Larcombe. "With Cressida, he was the Bohemian, going to music festivals dressed in brand new, expensive clothes. And he sort of turned up almost like he'd been dressed by her. It's really awkward looking. He looked ridiculous.

"The point is he really just morphed depending on who he's with, and that's a worrying sign."

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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Larcombe claims that Harry's 'malleable nature' has also been displayed throughut his relationship with his wife Meghan Markle. The pair, who got married in 2018, stepped down as senior royals in 2020 and moved to America, with Harry leaving everything he once knew behind.

Larcombe uses this as an example, saying, "Meghan is the driving force in their relationship, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's a modern thing. But Harry has had to give up just about everything he ever had in order to make that possible for Meghan."

Larcombe doubts that Harry has, or ever will, reach a point where he can make decisions about his own life because he is simply so easily influenced by others. 

He explained, "Maybe we can believe Harry's his own man. Now he calls the shots. It doesn’t look like it. This looks like another example of how Harry has tried to morph himself into what he believes is the vision of normal as the person he's dating.

"It's normal to Harry not to have his father in his life because Meghan doesn't. It's normal for Harry to go touring around for business and trying to secure the next book deal or TV deal because Meghan does. Harry's living his life as normal because it's Meghan’s normal."

As for why the Prince is so susceptible? Larcombe speculates, "I think Harry's a very lost soul and has been potentially before his mother died."

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