Prince Louis proves he has closest bond with mom Kate with this sweet gesture as fans say 'he wasn't being a rebel'

Royal fans have stuck up for the youngest member of the Wales family who is often dubbed a 'rebel'.

Prince Louis and Kate Middleton
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Prince Louis proved he has the closest bond with mom Kate Middleton with this sweet gesture during a special activity as fans defended him to say he 'wasn't being a rebel'. 

Prince Louis just dropped the biggest hint that he's got the closest bond with mom Kate Middleton when he decided to place his handprint next to hers.

The Wales youngster undertook his first royal engagement earlier this week and had his nickname revealed in a rare public moment when he visited a scout hut to help volunteer as part of the King's coronation The Big Help Out initiative.

And after making and eating s'mores with his 'frugal' sister Princess Charlotte, playing archery and climbing aboard a digger, the youngster, who celebrated his fifth birthday, Louis had a go at leaving his handprint on the wall.

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And while early clips of the youngster rejecting his mom's offering of a white space to place his print had some fans claim he was being a 'rebel', other fans have defended his actions after watching his full interaction play out and it's simply adorable.

Prince Louis, who is noted for his cheeky behavior, during the Queen's Platinum Jubilee , displayed politeness, as one fan took to Twitter to point out, "He wasn't being "a rebel" he just wanted to put his handprint next to his mum's. When a clip of this moment came out, it was a little out of context. Prince Louis painted Catherine's hand, told her where to put her handprint, reminded her to wash her hand and then very politely asked if he could do it again."

The Twitter user added, "When Catherine told him there was a space where he could put his handprint, he decided to do it somewhere else, right next to his Mum's handprint."

You can watch the sweet interaction below...

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After helping his mom make her wall print, Prince Louis asked if he could do it again. And with his hand painted and ready, mom Catherine said, "Where are you going to put it?"

"Look there's a gap there!' she added, pointing to a spot higher up the wall. But instead of reaching high, Louis decided he wanted to place his print next to his mom's at the bottom of the wall so he crouched down to do so before returning up his feet to wash his hands in the bowl of soapy water.

And another fan agreed, tweeting, "there is nothing hyper about this child, he is beautifully behaved, I see his impulse control too."

A third fan defended, "When I hear people saying he’s ‘a rebel’ or ‘a handful’ I’m like no he’s a 5 year old boy. I think he does absolutely amazing for his age"

A fourth fan added, "So sweet. He wanted to put his handprint next to his mummy's Such a lovely, happy little boy."

Prince Louis placing his handprint on a wall

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We reported earlier this week how the Wales' had a 'realistic' coronation parenting style and how they planned for a Prince Louis mini meltdown.   

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