Prince William keen to avoid Princess Diana’s ‘biggest parenting regret’ as he faces ‘impossible dilemma’ of balancing royal duties with family life

Kate Middleton has reportedly been left 'heartbroken' by her husband's focus on 'royal duties'

Princess Diana and Prince William
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Prince William is reportedly facing an 'impossible dilemma' when it comes to balancing his work life with his family. And with his mother Princess Diana’s ‘biggest parenting regret’ still on his mind, the Prince of Wales has an important decision to make. 

The Firm are a busy bunch. Just this week we saw Prince William in Singapore for the Earthshot Prize awards - where he showed off his secret hobby that would make Prince George, Charlotte, and Louis proud - while at home King Charles attended his first State Opening of Parliament as monarch and Kate Middleton employed her bone-crushing handshake on a visit to the Robertson Barracks in Norfolk, where she learned to drive a seven-tonne armed vehicle. Even Prince George has been preoccupied with a hectic series of exams at school. 

We all like to be busy, whether our time is filled with things to do with the kids or with exciting projects at work. But it appears that Prince William at least is slightly too busy. And it's affecting his home life massively according to one royal expert. 

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Royal expert Duncan Larcombe has revealed that Kate Middleton is 'heartbroken' over Prince William's prioritisation of royal life over family life, with the Princess understanding his 'duty,' but still wishing it meant he could spend more time with their three children. 

"She will be heartbroken about having to share her husband as he grows into his destiny," he told Closer Magazine. "She's very supportive, but she's had to accept that he will spend less time at home as his priorities change due to circumstances."

The expert went on to explain that it hasn't always been like this for William. His new focus on royal life over his family has been sparked by his promotion in the royal line of succession, a promotion that now sees him as first in line to the throne. 

"Their first home as husband and wife was a little farm cottage hidden away in Anglesey, Wales. When they had children, they tried to keep them behind the scenes. But now, it seems like William's priorities have started to change," he said last year before adding that William's new position as Prince of Wales means 'he's gone from being valuable to being the royals' most important asset. That's his impossible dilemma.'

"Ultimately, he will have to work out how possible it is to balance the country's needs with those of his wife and children. But Kate and their family may have to play second fiddle."

Prince William and Princess Diana

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It's not just Kate who is putting pressure on William to step up and make a decision. He's also got the mistakes of royals before him to factor into the equation too, mistakes and regrets that should help him, rather than scare him, into making the right decision for both country and family. 

When it comes to balancing family life with work life, William's biggest influence is reportedly his late mother Princess Diana, whose 'big regret' in life was always that she spent 'large chunks of time away due to work' and couldn't see her children as much as she wanted. According to Larcombe, William is 'keen' not to repeat his mother's mistake. 

He told OK! Magazine, "Diana was very hands-on with the boys but there were large chunks of time she had to be away due to work. William was also often paraded on royal tours and outings and his childhood was by no means perfect. That was one of Diana's big regrets.

"Not always being there due to work and also times when William had to put his royal life ahead of personal life as a child. William has always wanted to raise his children with Diana's lessons and regrets in mind. His children's needs come before royal duty."

And it's not just William who is influenced by his mother. Despite never getting the chance to meet her, Diana's parenting style has massively influenced Kate when it comes to raising her three young children within the royal bubble. 

"Kate is a hands-on mother by nature," Larcombe shared. "She follows Diana's lead but also the influence of the Middletons. With Kate, she takes royal duty seriously but she will drop everything for her children and that has been an agreed term between her and William throughout."

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