Sarah Ferguson reveals the Royal Family’s favourite board game to play behind closed doors

They may be royals, but they're really just like the rest of us

Sarah Ferguson
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Sarah Ferguson has shared what the Royal Family’s favourite board game is and it sounds like a games night we'd love to be part of.

Filling those long Summer holidays before the kids go back to school can be a difficult task. They are desperate to be entertained for every single minute of every single day and there are only so many children's films on Netflix that you can show them on those cold and rainy days that rear their head throughout the summer months. 

When going outside isn't an option, toys are both a child's and a parent's best friend. There have been some great toy releases in 2023, from fun, educational and robust toys for three year olds, all the way to toys from much-love brands like Barbie and LEGO. But no matter what toys are released, there's always a special place in everyone's hearts for the classic board games. 

And it appears that the Royal Family are no different because, in the latest episode of her podcast Tea Talks, Sarah Ferguson revealed that the Royal Family enjoy bonding over a game of the classic word-based board game Scrabble.

The royal family

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Sarah's close friend and podcast co-host, Sarah Thomson, along with a podcast listener, asked the royal about Christmas time in the Royal household and wanted to know whether the Family enjoy playing any board games over the holiday period. 

The listener also asked Sarah if there was any truth behind the rumour that the late Queen Elizabeth didn't let the family play Monopoly because it often caused arguments between players.  

Sarah glossed over the Monopoly question with ease, saying that the family “do love games, board games, card games, Scrabble, jigsaws,” and added that they are 'a very unified family' who enjoy bonding over any sort of friendly family game. 

She also revealed that they “love to do what other families do, and that’s lovely.”

The Royal Family

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But while the family may, or may not, avoid Monopoly because of arguments it can cause, it appears that Scrabble too can get a bit vicious in the royal household. 

In a 2013 ITV documentary, the Olympic boxer Anthony Ogogo revealed that when he asked Kate Middleton who out of her and Prince William was more competitive when it came to sports, she said that they were both equally competitive and could never finish a game of Scrabble because one of them would slam game shut.

The family's love for the board game goes back for years and appears to have been an incredibly important part in bringing their family together. Tatler Magazine reports that Kate and Meghan Markle bonded over a game of Scrabble back in 2018, although they say that this is more of a rumour than a fact as it has never been confirmed. However, in a 2022 interview with Variety, Meghan did say that she plays a ‘mean game of Scrabble’.

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