Victoria Beckham is putting daughter Harper through ‘celebrity bootcamp’ to become the next ‘it girl’ on social media

“Victoria very much sees herself in Harper"

Victoria and Harper Seven Beckham
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Victoria Beckham is reportedly putting her daughter Harper through ‘celebrity bootcamp’ as she tries 'to best handle' the youngsters 'ambitions' to become social media's next ‘it girl.'

Harper Seven Beckham has demanded the spotlight this summer as she enjoys her break from school in Miami with the rest of her family before heading back to begin lessons with the rest of UK school children next month. 

Currently, Harper's only interaction with the media has been filtered through her parents, with Victoria revealing that she is banned from wearing makeup 'outside the house' despite being 'obsessed' with cosmetics and David sharing a sweet picture of his daughter doing his make up. But, perhaps because Victoria has reportedly been feeling ‘guilty’ for her youngest daughter as older family members move away from home, this summer has flung Harper into the public eye as she meets with celebrities including popular models Gigi and Bella Hadid and reality TV star Kim Kardashian. 

The school break has likely been a whirlwind for the 12-year-old, but it could just be the beginning of a successful a-lister lifestyle for Harper as she reportedly has 'ambitions' to become the next 'it-girl' of social media - a wish that her mum Victoria is more than happy to help her achieve.

Harper Seven Beckham with Gigi and Bella Hadid

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According to a source who spoke to Heat Magazine, "This has been a coming-of-age summer for Harper - and a little bit of a celebrity bootcamp too. She’s no longer a little girl - she’s maturing fast and is full of talk about what plans she has. Harper feels she’s ready to start doing things, while David and Vic are trying to figure out how to best handle her ambitions.”

Fans may have noticed that Harper is being featured in a lot more of Victoria's social media posts and the source claims this is the beginning of Victoria's 'plan' to get her daughter recognised as an 'influencer.'

“Part of that prep [to get Harper ready for an 'it-girl' career] is making sure she’s confident around other celebs and can hold her own in conversations, as well as starting to form relationships of her own," the source added.

Heat Magazine reports, “[Victoria] very much sees herself in Harper, and so respects that she will have her own path and style. Instead of just buying her everything, she does big shopping days, where she can teach her about style and introduce her to all the stylists and VIP organisers. Harper already knows way more than is standard, which is all part of VB’s training to make sure she is primed for this.”

While Victoria is more than happy to help Harper achieve her dream, it's likely that David is a little more upset over the career choice. Back in 2013 when Harper was only one-year-old, David revealed that he hoped his daughter would follow in his footsteps and play football. 

His desire grew after the family spent time in America where women's football was a 'big thing.' According to Closer Magazine, the footballer said, "When we were living in America that was a big thing, girls playing football. The girls are very talented over there, and women’s football is big in England and Europe as well so… we’ll see.

"Having three boys as a footballer was a dream. And now to have a little girl who just lightens up my day every time I see or I speak to her… My children are my life."

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