Where is Where the Crawdads Sing filmed?

All you need to know about the filming locations for the movie as it comes to Amazon Prime Video.

Where is Where the Crawdads Sing filmed?
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Following the Amazon Prime Video release of the highly anticipated adaptation of Delia Owen's hit novel Where the Crawdads Sing, viewers are wondering where is Where the Crawdads Sing filmed?

As many people sit down at home to watch their favourite film or show they wonder where the filming took place incase they'd like to visit some day, or sometimes the scenery looks all too familiar. 

Whether it's the Emmerdale Tour or Virgin River, filming locations are high on fan's need-to-know lists. And after fans asked is it based on a true story? and had questions about Kya's race, we look at Where the Crawdads Sing film was set...

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Where is Where the Crawdad's Sing filmed?

Where the Crawdads Sing was filmed in the town of Houma in Louisiana where producers replicated the fictional Barkley Cove. According to Houma Today, the local area was given a complete transformation to look like the 1960s, with storefronts given retro makeovers and vintage cars lined the streets.

Meanwhile, according to Southern Living, the intense court scenes were thrashed out in Louisiana inside the historic St. Bernard Parish Courthouse in Chalmette so watch out for the building as Kya stands trial for Chase's murder. 

What town is Where the Crawdads Sing based on?

Where the Crawdad's Sing is based on the fictional town of Barkley Cove. The made up setting and its distinct split from urban to rural shows the separation between Kya and the local townspeople, and the prejudice she faces as a “Marsh Girl".

Is Barkley Cove in North Carolina a real place?

No, Barkley Cove in North Carolina is NOT a real place. It is a made up coastal town fictitiously located in North Carolina. It is the town and setting for the book but a lot of the filming is based outside the town in the marshes where Kya actually lives.

Where is Where the Crawdads Sing filmed?

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Where are the marshes in Where the Crawdads Sing?

The Marshes in Where the Crawdads Sing are in the marshlands of North Carolina in and around the city of Asheville. They are home to one of the wildest and most spectacular wetlands in the world while located beside a busy highway near Asheville, N. C. The Sandy Bottom wetlands, lay around five miles south of Asheville in the French Broad River floodplain. It is said to be home to several rare and endangered species including salamanders and turtles facing extinction.

As a result of filming for the movie, Kya's home in the wild marshes, was filmed in the wetlands on the banks of Lake Pontchartrain, specifically in Fontainebleau and Fairview-Riverside State Parks, in the neighboring towns of Mandeville and Madisonville. 

It took cast and crew four months of filming from April to July 2021, but the production was disrupted by lightening storms, floods and heat which pushed director Olivia Newman to her limits.

She told Vanity Fair, "I never sweated so much in my life. I learned how wonderful linen is."

Where the Crawdads Sing is available to stream now on Amazon Prime Video.

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