Black Friday stand mixer deals: where to find the best savings

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  • Black Friday is a great opportunity to treat yourself, and if you want to upgrade your kitchen, keep an eye out for some great savings on stand mixers during the huge sale event.

    Black Friday is coming up, and it’s always a good idea to prepare in advance and consider what you might want to buy this year. In last year’s sales, there were some great savings on stand mixers and hopefully there’ll be some great ones this year too.

    KitchenAid mixers are a popular choice among shoppers, and we’re anticipating some great deals across their brand this upcoming Black Friday. But if you want a more general overview of stand mixers, scroll down to see what we’re expecting to see this year.

    Which stand mixers were on sale last Black Friday?

    Stand mixers can be pricey, but thankfully their prices are slashed annually so you can enjoy great savings on this handy kitchen item. Here’s some of the stand mixers that were reduced last year…

    Kenwood kMix KMX754RD, £329.68

    Kenwood kMix KMX760.GD – Rose Gold, £549.00

    Pro Chef Black Matte SDA1455 Stand Mixer, £49.99


    Kenwood stand mixer

    Credit: Amazon

    Kenwood kMix KMX754RD


    Last year, Amazon slashed the price of this Kenwood stand mixer from £329 to £169, which just happened to be its lowest ever price. We’re not sure if it’ll be reduced again this year but it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on!

    This particular mixer has a retro design, a stylish glass bowl, and is a great option for those who love baking. It comes with a full set of non-stick baking tools including the K-beater, balloon whisk and the dough hook, perfect for making bread and mixing cake batter. It’s available in cream, black or red, if you want a pop of colour.

    kenwood mixer

    Credit: Currys

    Kenwood kMix KMX760.GD – Rose Gold


    Any rose gold lover won’t want to miss this stunning mixer, that’s sure to have pride of place in anyone’s kitchen. The rose gold colour is actually exclusive to Currys, but there are other colours available too if you’d prefer; black, gold or silver. Last year the price of this mixer dropped from £549 to just £269, which is a great saving!

    Featuring smart speed control, this mixer ensures you won’t have any kitchen mishaps causing ingredients to fly out everywhere. It also has six levels of speed from pancake batter to brioche dough. Whatever you want to make, this mixer has you covered.

    robert dyers stand mixer

    Credit: Robert Dyas

    Pro Chef Black Matte SDA1455 Stand Mixer


    The cheapest of the bunch, this Robert Dyas stand mixer is great for those on a budget but still has plenty of great features. Currently priced at just £49.99, there’s a chance this could drop in price even more by the time Black Friday rolls around.

    With six speed settings, pulse speed, 3-types of beater and skid-resistant feet, this makes baking even easier.

    Why should you buy a stand mixer?

    There’s lots of great reasons why you should consider buying a stand mixer. Not only does it save a lot of time, they’re also more accurate at evenly combining ingredients so you should end up with even better bakes!

    They’re also built to last and incredibly versatile, with many having various tools and speed options to help you bake with ease. It also makes it even easier to multi-task, saving both time and effort.