14 money-saving buys to look out for over Black Friday, according to our Money Editor

Bag a bargain that can also save you money in the long run with these top money-saving buys, according to our Money Editor

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Double down on any Black Friday bargains you find by looking out for these money-saving appliances, gadgets and gizmos that can help you to save even more money in the long run. 

And Black Friday is the perfect time to look for these gadgets and devices to see if you can pick them up for a fraction of the price. But if you do plan on shopping in the Black Friday sale (why is it called Black Friday, anyway?), make sure you have a battle plan in place to make sure you grab a genuine bargain and avoid overspending. 

If you're looking to get a head start on your Black Friday shopping, we've been searching for all the best deals available right now:

Money-saving buys to look out for over Black Friday

With inflation high and predicted to rise even further, millions of families are worried about how much their energy bills will cost and are focusing on how to save energy in their home to keep bills as low as possible. Similarly, if you have a water meter, knowing how to save water and looking out for water-saving devices can be another way to save on your household bills. 

1. A radiator reflector

The first thing to look out for in the Amazon Black Friday sale is a radiator reflector kit. Radiator reflectors slot behind your radiators to reflect the heat they generate back into the room. They can be particularly helpful in reducing heat loss from radiators that back on to your home's exterior walls. 

They're easily installed, are invisible once in place, and can help reduce how much energy you use, and cut your energy bills in the process. 

Marketing manager at radiator reflector manufacturer Radflek, Andrew Lovie, says: "Radiator reflectors are a very simple energy saving solution for any home. They simply sit behind your radiator reflecting the wasted heat from the back of the radiator back into the room. 

"In a correctly set up system, the money saving comes from the boiler not having to work so hard to get the room to up to temperature as the heat isn’t being wasted out into the wall."

Radflek Radiator Reflectors. Available at Radflek

Radflek Radiator Reflectors. Available at Radflek, Amazon

RRP: from £21.99 | Pack size: Available in 3, 5 and 8 sheet packs

Granted Recommended Product Status by the Energy Saving Trust, Radflek Radiator Reflectors are easily installed and can reduce heat loss through external walls by up to 45%, helping to reduce your energy bills and make your home feel warmer. 

You could decide to make your own using this kitchen foil radiator hack, but while it might work to some extent, it won't be as effective as a specially designed radiator reflector. 

2. An electric blanket

An electric blanket is another money-saving product that's worth looking out for during the Black Friday sale. 

When you look at how much it costs to run an electric blanket, it's a lot more energy efficient than leaving your heating on all day or using an indoor heater, so can help to keep you warm and keep your energy bills low. 

If you already have an electric blanket - check it for any signs of wear and tear, creasing or folding, loose connections or scorch marks as this is a sign that yours should be replaced. 

We've also compared electric blankets with hot water bottles to see which works out cheapest to use and which is the most effective at keeping you warm. 

3. An air fryer or multicooker

Air fryers have grown in popularity over the last five years, and are a popular way to make healthier food at home. But it's worthwhile also considering how much it costs to run an air fryer and how much cheaper it is to run than a conventional oven. 

An oven costs around 87p per day to run, where as an air fryer (depending on the make and model) costs somewhere between 13p and 34p per day. So if you're someone who uses the oven on a regular basis, you may be able to make significant savings on your energy bills by switching to an air fryer. 

You can also look for a multicooker that combined multiple cooking features, including air frying, in a single appliance.

AO.com’s small appliance expert, Thea Whyte said: “Using a multi-cooker is a great way to save money on your energy bills when cooking as they typically use less energy than your standard conventional oven. Not only that, but many models can have up to nine different settings meaning you only need one appliance in your kitchen to air fry, grill, steam or slow cook.”

Check out the best Black Friday air fryer deals.

4. A smart plug

Did you know that appliances left on standby still use energy? That means you could be using more energy than you actually need to - and paying for the privilege. (Make sure you know the most expensive household items to leave on standby so you can turn them off asap!)

This is where a smart plug can come in handy. Smart plugs can be controlled by an app on your phone, or connected to a smart assistant like Alexa, so you can control it by voice control. By plugging a smart plug into your socket, and then plugging your appliance or device into the smart plug - you can effectively make any device or appliance 'smart'. This means you can turn your devices off remotely and make sure they're not left on standby. 

Smart plugs are also really useful for plugs that are hard to reach that you may struggle to turn on or off manually. 

5. Tumble dryer balls

When it comes to how much a tumble dryer costs to run, it's not cheap. In fact, it's one of the most energy guzzling appliances in your home. While it'll be good for your energy bills if you can reduce how often you use your tumble dryer, sometimes only a tumble dryer will do the job. 

But throwing some tumble dryer balls in with your laundry can help dry your clothes quicker, meaning you may not need to run your tumble dryer for as long. They help to aerate the laundry so that the warm air can better circulate and dry the laundry more effectively. 

With energy bills so high, you might also be interested in how to dry clothes without a dryer and what the cheapest way to dry clothes is as we head into winter.

Nepal Handmade Natural Wool Dryer Balls. View at Amazon

Nepal Handmade Natural Wool Dryer Balls. View at Amazon

RRP: £9.89 | Pack size: 6 (XL) | Material: Wool

Goodto.com's Money Editor Sarah Handley says: "I bought these tumble dryer balls from Amazon when the weather cooled and it was harder for me to dry my laundry outside. While I can dry clothes on an airer, I find it difficult to find suitable space to dry towels and bedding, so I do still use my tumble dryer for those. 

"In the past, I've regularly had to give the laundry and extra tumble on a shorter cycle to dry them effectively. Now I throw six wool laundry balls in with the bedding or towels and they come out perfectly dry, super soft, and relatively crease free, after just one standard drying cycle."

  • View Nepal Handmade Natural Wool Dryer Balls at Amazon

6. Laundry balls

In a similar vein to tumble dryer balls, you can buy washing or laundry balls that replace the need to traditional laundry detergents and fabric softeners. 

Take the ecoegg for example. It's an egg-shaped recyclable container that is filled with mineral pellets and a small amount of detergent which can be used for up to 70 washes (if you buy the standard one). You can then buy refill pellets. 

So not only can washing balls help you to save money, they're also good for the environment. 

ecoegg | View at ecoegg

ecoegg | View at ecoegg, Amazon, Tesco, Wilko, Robert Dyas, Sainsbury's, Lakeland

RRP: from £9.99 for 70 washes | Scents: Fresh Linen, Spring Blossom, Unfragranced 

Suitable for sensitive skin, the ecoegg is an environmentally-friendly alternative to laundry detergent and fabric softener. The smallest ecoegg will last for 70 washes, meaning it costs around 14p per wash (10p per wash if you buy refill pellets).

7. An energy-saving kettle

If you are a regular consumer of hot drinks, it pays to know how much it costs to boil a kettle. While you can save money by only boiling the water you need, the make and model of your kettle will make a difference. 

You could opt for a insulated or thermos kettle which keeps the water you boil hot for longer, so you don't need to boil it as many times during the day, but can still enjoy hot drinks. Alternatively, single cup kettle, is perfect for those who only need enough hot water for one drink at a time. 

Vektra VEK-1506 Insulated Cordless Kettle. View at Amazon

Vektra VEK-1506 Insulated Cordless Kettle. View at Amazon, Wayfair, eBay

RRP: £64.95 | Capacity: 1.5 litres | Colour: Stainless steel | Power: 220W

Featuring insulation to reduce heat loss, this kettle can keep the water you boil hot for up to four hours. That means you can reduce the number of times you have to boil the kettle each day, cutting down your energy usage and reducing your energy bill. 

Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser. View at B&M

Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser. View at B&M, Argos, Amazon,  Asda

RRP: £47.99 | Capacity: 1.5 litres | Colour: Black/Stainless steel | Power: 3,000W

This energy-efficient hot water dispenser is a great option for those who want to make sure they don't boil more water than they need to. This appliance only boils and dispenses one cup of water at a time, resulting in a quick brew and reduced energy usage. 

8. A heated clothes dryer

If you're looking to reduce how often you use your tumble dryer, or you don't have one, have a look at a heated clothes dryer. They use significantly less energy than a tumble dryer, but can be an effective way to dry clothes when it's not possible to dry washing outside. 

Smaller heated clothes dryers will be suitable for up to two adults, but larger dryers may be needed for larger families. 

9. A dehumidifier

Another alternative to using a tumble dryer is to invest in a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier will remove moisture from the air (which can help prevent mould growth in your home) and projects out warm air which will help to dry your clothes. 

When you know how much it costs to run a dehumidifier, you'll see it costs significantly less to run than a tumble dryer, meaning you can benefit from significant energy savings by switching how you dry your clothes. 

Check out the best Black Friday dehumidifier deals with this handy buying guide, including this Black Friday deal:

10. An aerated shower head

Swapping your shower head to an aerated alternative can help cut water bills for those with a water meter, where you pay for the amount of water you use. 

With an aerated shower head, water is mixed with air to reduce how much water you use, but with no noticeable impact on your showering experience. 

In many cases you can change a shower head on a DIY basis rather than needing to call out a plumber. You can pick up an aerated shower head from multiple retailers including:

11. Hippo water saver

Another money-saving device worth considering if you are looking into how to save water (and therefore money) is a toilet cistern insert than helps you to use less water when you flush. 

Hippo the Water Saver is one option, but more generic inserts are also available.

If you don't have a water meter, check with your supplier whether you can get one for free and whether it will help you to save money.

Hippo the Water Saver| View at Amazon

Hippo the Water Saver| View at Amazon and eBay

RRP: from £3.49

Hippo the Water Saver is a small container that you place in the cistern of your toilet to reduce how much water you use whenever you flush. Each time you flush, Hippo the Water Saver will save you three litres of water. And with the average four person household using 438 litres per day, the saving will soon add up. 

12. A draught excluder

Draught excluders are relatively inexpensive and can help you save money by keeping the heat you generate in your home (or the room you are in), meaning you stay warmer for longer before you need to put the heating on again. 

You can get them in a variety of colours, designs and shapes with prices starting at less than £10. You can get draught excluders that look like long pillows, some that are double sided with raised cushioned tubes connected by a flat piece of material that sits underneath the door, or even a role of seal tape that provides a virtually invisible way to keep draughts at bay. 

Great places for draught excluders include by the door to the stairs and by any external doors including your front door, back door and if you have a door that leads into your garage. 

Where to pick up your draught excluder:

13. A slow cooker

Just like an air fryer, a slow cooker can be a cheaper alternative to an oven. (Check out our guide to find out how much it costs to run a slow cooker).

So if you're looking for more ways to save energy in your home, it's worthwhile seeing if you can pick up a slow cooker in the sale. Maximise your savings by making sure you buy the right sized slow cooker for your family. 

Slow cookers are also a great appliance to use with a smart plug!

14. A water butt

Another water saving (and therefore money saving) measure is to invest in a water butt. It's a large plastic container that is connected to your downpipe to collect rainwater which can then be used to water plants, wash cars or bikes, clean muddy wellies, or hose down garden furniture. 

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