We're OBSESSED with the cult Always Pan - and now you can save a HUGE 30%

Image of three Always Pans stacked on top of each other in pastel shades

Our Place, creators of the best-selling Always Pan, are offering amazing savings on the cult buy as part of their Cyber Monday deals.

You might recognise the Our Place pan from TikTok or Instagram, it’s caused quite a stir on social media throughout 2021; it's this generation's Le Crueset (opens in new tab). The American must-have, which was recently dubbed the ‘kitchen magician’ by Oprah, became available to buy in the UK from July. And since then this pan has been a hit. By August it had sold out 10 times and amassed 16,000+ reviews on the website.

In addition, it boasts a four and a half star rating on average. And, at one point, there was a 50,000-strong waiting list. The pan comes in an amazing array of colours - included the best-selling 'spice'. And, as their amazing sale is already on, we don't want you to miss out. So, if a kitchen near you is in need of a space-saving update, here are the best Cyber Monday deals on the Our Place pans.

Best Always Pan Cyber Monday deals

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Always Pan in 'Spice' – £125 £85 (SAVE £40) (opens in new tab) | Our Place If you were thinking of investing in this best-selling 8-in1 pan now's the time! Save a whopping £40 on this must-have kitchen cookware. It's this generation's Le Crueset - anyone with a kitchen will be glad to receive it.
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Always Pan in 'Sage' – £125 £85 (SAVE £40) (opens in new tab) | Our Place Bag a bargain with £40 off in this easy-to-pair shade of sage. It will look great sat on any hob, whether your traditional gas or fancy ceramic touch hobs, the Always Pan works on both.
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Always Pan in 'Blue Salt' – £125 £85 (SAVE £40) (opens in new tab) | Our Place This pan dominated social media throughout the second lock down. And if you know it will look great in your kitchen, now's the time to invest -especially with a huge £40 discount.
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Always Pan in 'Lavender' – £125 £85 (SAVE £40) (opens in new tab) | Our Place Black Friday deals have you covered with a whopping £40 discount on this insta-worthy pan, that's not only a great 8-in-1 investment but also has amazing non-stick ceramic technology.
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Always Pan in 'Heat' – £125 £85 (SAVE £40) (opens in new tab) | Our Place This bright shade of red will give any kitchen side a real pop of colour. The Always Pan comes with a spatula, which sits neatly on the handle, a grippy heat proof lid and steamer - great if your partial to dim sum! Save £40 on this 2021 cult product.

What is the Always Pan?

The Always Pan is an all-in-one pan that promises to replace eight pieces of your kitchenware in one go - and look good doing it. Designed to be everything you need, it's coated in a nonstick ceramic, with no chemical PFAs, lead or other toxic metals.

Though, to be fair, it really is more than just a frying pan. It’s also a saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, spatula and spoon rest. An all-in-one, pretty-looking pan.

Image of the Always Pan in Lavender on a dining room table

Credit: Our Place

But at the cost of nearly three times the cost of a normal non-stick pan, is it worth it? 

Why everyone is obsessed with the Always Pan

Our Family Editor, Stephanie Lowe shares why the latest cult buy really was a game changer for her.

Generating some serious buzz in the social media work, this space-saving multi-purpose pan sold out ten times over. And the American-born cookware went on to rack up a 50,000+ waiting list (And yes, I was on it.)

On the Our Place site alone it's had over 16,000+ reviews - averaging out at a 4.5 star rating. Plus, the hasthag #alwayspan has over 2500 posts on Instagram and on TikTok the same #alwayspan has had over 6.2million views. 

Clearly edging its way to a place at the top table, next to Tupperware, Le Crueset and the Slow Cooker, this sustainable non-stick pan gets my vote. Disclaimer: I’m a sucker for anything that will look pretty on my kitchen side. It was in July that I became the proud owner and regular user of this cult must-have. (psst; it currently has £40 off! Down from £125 to £85 (opens in new tab) in the Cyber Monday deals)

Pros: Comes with a spatula Has a great resting spot for the spatula Lightweight Heatproof grippy handle Additional side handle Chemical-free non-stick Amazing range of colours. 

Cons: Bit expensive Not dishwasher safe Not oven-proof. 

As a working mum-of-one who hates her pan cupboard - I can never find lids, nothing ever stacks properly and everything falls out when I open the door - the promise of one pan for everything got my attention. Plus it’s so pretty it deserves space up top, which is also a tick for me.

And, I was impressed with how lightweight it was to handle; the aluminium body makes it far less unwieldy than cast iron counterparts, and the non-stick was very effective. The lid handle is very cleverly heatproof. And the non-stick promise is very real. As long as you don’t have the pan on too high a setting. I made American pancakes and they slid out the pan perfectly, without any butter or oil. 

Super-easy to clean thanks to the non-stick. So while it can’t go in the dishwasher, I found it doesn’t have to. The notch that holds the spatula in place. The amount of times I've burned my hand on a hot spoon left balancing over the pan. But with this, the spatula sits over the handle. Ingenious. Plus, the two pouring spouts on either side make pouring away liquid quick and easy. And, it’s a deep pan, so I could easily make a meal for two with it. 

Main drawbacks, are the initial cost. Though, I do use it daily; from porridge to scrambled eggs, even Sausage Gnocchi. And, also the fact it’s not oven-proof. I really wanted to melt then crisp up pasta dishes. 

Image of my Our Place Always Pan in colour Heat, sat on my hob

Credit: Stephanie Low

Is the Always Pan worth it?

For cupboard space, easy washing and all the things you can do - cooking the Itsu at-home dumplings in there was a breeze - I would say yes.

Having this pop of colour in your kitchen is a bit of a status symbol too, not unlike the proud owners of long-term brand Le Crueset. Plus it would make a great gift for a foodie or someone who is really into their decor. If they love Le Creuset, they’ll love this!  I bought this as a gift from me, to me. And know that I would have loved to have received it as an actual gift - in fact, so much so, the Our Place Perfect Pot is on my Christmas list right now. 

What is Our Place delivery costs?

While the Always Pan isn't available on Amazon, it has free shipping and returns on all orders throughout the UK. Though, it's worth noting that all orders with in-stock items take 1-2 business days to process before they leave the warehouse.

Our Place's free ground shipping takes 1-6 business days for most parts of the UK. The brand tells us that some items may ship from the United States and, if this happens, there won't be an additional fee charged, but it might take a bit longer.