Advent calendars for kids 2020: The 21 best advent calendars with toys from Lego to Playmobil and Disney

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  • With less than two weeks to go until December 1, it’s advent calendars for kids that will be on many parent’s minds at the moment – and on little one’s too! They know that soon, if it’s not a chocolate advent calendar, then it’s an exciting one with a new toy they want or game to play with behind each door. 

    Because let’s face it, it’s not just adults who should have all the fun with alternative advent calendars, packed with beauty products, alcohol and even jewellery, kids should be able to get in with some of the pre-Christmas gifts up for grabs.

    So, if you’re looking to treat your child to a truly special countdown to Christmas this year and are looking for advent calendars with toys behind each door, you’ve come to the right place.

    The best advent calendars for kids 2020

    We’ve rounded up the best advent calendars for kids from awesome Lego advent calendars and Playmobil advent calendars that let you build up a whole set day by day throughout December, to classic wooden advent calendars for kids featuring wooden toys that will last generations.

    There’s even a super special elf on the shelf advent calendar – the perfect advent calendar and Christmas creative craft combined! Disney have also launched a brand new line of advent calendars for 2020, ahead of the Disney Black Friday sale. It features some of the world’s best loved characters, there’s a calendar for everyone.

    So whether you love Elsa and Anna or Mickey and Mini, there is something for everyone. For fans of a galaxy far, far away there are also Star Wars advent calendars listed below too.

    Browse our pick of the best 2020 calendars with toys for kids below…

    Playmobil advent calendars

    Christmas Toy Store Playmobil Advent Calendar

    Age suitability: 4+


    Playmobil Advent Calendar - Christmas Toy Store

    New for 2020, Playmobil’s Christmas Toy Shop advent calendar comes with all the pieces you need to create a wonderfully festive scene. Every day throughout December, children will open a door to find another piece for their set, from miniature toys like dolls, teddy bears, robots, and racing cars to a figurine of Santa himself.

    Santa’s Sleigh and Elves Playmobil Advent Calendar

    Age suitability: 4+


    Playmobil Advent Calendar 'Santa's Workshop'


    A classic Playmobil advent calendar back for another year, behind each door or this calendar are different pieces to create a gorgeous festive scene of Santa and his elves busy preparing for Christmas in their workshop. Children will love discovering a new miniature surprise every day including mini toys, Santa’s elves, his reindeer and even a sleigh.

    Horse Farm Playmobil Advent Calendar

    Age suitability: 4+


    Playmobil Advent Calendar - Horse Farm

     Suitable for children aged 4 and up, the Playmobil Horse Farm advent calendar comes with multiple figures, horses, animals and accessories behind every door, allowing kids to build an equine adventure a little more each day throughout December.

    Christmas Ball Playmobil Advent Calendar

    Age suitability: 4 +

    £21.99, VIEW AT AMAZON

    Playmobil advent calendar with festive ballroom scene

    Suitable for children aged 4 and up, this well-designed advent calendar sets the scene as a Christmas Ball, complete with a banquet table, musical instruments and gift-wrapped presents under a snow-coloured tree.

    Back to the Future Playmobil Advent Calendar

    Age suitability: 5+

    £31.71, VIEW AT AMAZON

    The perfect starter for Christmas! This Back to the Future Advent Calendar is ideal for fans of the film franchise, aged five and over. It comes with over 99 different pieces to make December a month to remember, building up to an incredible scene from one of the most famous films – ever!

    Lego Advent Calendars 2020

    Star Wars advent calendar

    Age suitability: 6+

    £25, VIEW AT ARGOS

    LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

    This popular Star Wars advent calendar includes Lego figures as well 12 mini build toys. Building the Millennium Falcon, an A-wing, TIE Fighter, X-wing, Droid Control Ship, Anakin’s Podracer and Darth Vader’s Castle will keep kids busy in the run-up to Christmas!

    Harry Potter advent calendar

    Age suitability: 7 +


    This bestselling advent calendar comes complete with 6 mini-figures. Plus there are models to build like Beauxbaton’s carriage and a Hogwarts banquet dining table.

    PAW Patrol Advent Calendars

    Snow PAW Patrol Advent Calendar

    Age suitability: 3 +

    £20, VIEW AT ARGOS

    One of the most hotly anticipated advent calendars of the year, the PAW Patrol Advent Calendar included 24 pieces – one for every day leading up to Christmas!

    Candy Cane PAW Patrol Advent Calendar

    Age suitability: 3 +


    Behind each of the 24 doors of this PAW Patrol Advent Calendar is a festive pup, complete with a sleigh, presents and other play pieces.

    Polly Pocket Advent Calendar

    Age suitability: 4 +

    £21.99, VIEW AT AMAZON

    Packed full of 25 pocket-sized surprises, little ones can count down to the big day with a surprise gift every day! Snowy scenes galore, some of the toys in this advent calendar include Polly Pocket dolls, swellings, animals, vehicles and so much more.

    Star Wars Micro Force Mini Figure Advent Calendar

    Age suitability: 4 +

    £17.50, VIEW AT AMAZON

    Not a fan of Lego? No problem – this Star Wars Micro Force Mini Figure Advent Calendar should do the trick. Mini figures of all your favourite Star Wars characters are included behind the 24 doors of this set. Everyone from Hans Solo to Darth Vader is up for grabs on the one of the days leading up to Christmas, each made from squishable material.

    Elf on the Shelf North Pole Advent Train

    Age suitability: 4 +

    £14.99, VIEW AT AMAZON

    elf on the shelf advent calendar

    What could be better than an Elf on the Shelf advent calendar for those that love to get involved in the cheeky craft over the Christmas holidays? Right up to Christmas Eve little ones can crack out their own Elf on the Shelf accessory and so by Christmas Day, there will be plenty of hours of fun to be had.

    Dkinghome Dinosaur Christmas Advent Calendar

    Age suitability: 3 +

    £19.95, VIEW AT AMAZON

    dinosaur advent calendar

    Any dino lovers out there? This is the advent calendar for them. 24 different dinosaur toys to take them well into the Christmas season and right up to the big day. An excellent way to excite kids for the Christmas season and give them something to look forward to every day.

    Smiggle’s Advent Calendar 2020

    Age suitability: 6 +


    Smiggle advent calendar

    Kids love Smiggle stationary and their Advent Calendar for 2020 promises to be the best yet. Packed full of slapbands, lanyards, glitter glue, scented stickers and even a pencil case, there’s plenty to keep kids entertained right through to Christmas Day.

    Barbie Christmas Advent Calendar

    Age suitability: 3 +

    £31.85, VIEW AT AMAZON

    This delightful advent calendar starts with a Barbie doll on day one and then every day for the next 23 days, little ones can piece together Barbie’s outfit. From a silvery jacket and trousers to a long pink skirt and more, there are more than 10 different accessories to choose from as well like shoes, jewellery, purses and a feathery boa.

    L.O.L. Surprise! Advent Calendar

    Age suitability: 6 +


    L.O.L. Surprise! Advent Calendar

    Unbox 24 days of surprises with the L.O.L. Surprise! Advent Calendar. Includes an exclusive L.O.L. Surprise! Doll and 24 fabulous fashion pieces to unbox in total, including dresses, glam accessories and cute shoes.

    Disney Storybook Collection Advent Calendar

    Age suitability: 4 +

    £10, VIEW AT ARGOS

    Unwrap one book per day on the countdown to Christmas with the storybook collection. There are 24 to scoop up so fans of Disney can enjoy a wonderful tale each day with all new content and stories they’ve never heard before.

    Paper playhouse advent calendar

    Age suitability: 5 +

    £22, VIEW AT NOTHS

    Paper playhouse Advent Calendar

    This gorgeous paper advent calendar can be sent through the post and then popped up and brought to life in 3D. Each day in December children pop out different pieces with which to decorate the house inside and out, including presents, a Christmas tree, festive food, toys, and even animals on the roof alongside Santa and his sack! This lovely calendar can also be personalised, making it a lovely gift.

    The Make Arcade Craftvent Calendar

    Age suitability: 6 +


    Are you and the kids keen crafters? Then you’re certainly in luck with this Make Arcade Craftvent Calendar from John Lewis. The set contains all the materials you’ll need to make a whole host of adorable Christmas decorations with 24 individually packed felt kids behind each door. Most of them are completely Christmas themed but there are also food, drinks, cute animals and other fun designs included.

    Melissa & Doug Countdown To Christmas Wooden Advent Calendar

    Age suitability: 3 +

    £21.89, VIEW AT AMAZON

    Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar made of wood and cut like a christmas tree

    Suitable for children age 3 and up, this wooden advent calendar comes with 24 magnetic decorations to help countdown to Christmas and a shining star for the top of the tree on Christmas Day.

    Hessian Stockings Fill Your Own Advent Calendar

    Age suitability: 3 +

    £10, VIEW AT ETSY

    For the cheapest and most creative option, why not create your own advent calendar? This hessian sack, banner-style calendar is available from Etsy for just £10 and comes complete designed with cute white stars and numbers – one for every day leading up to Christmas Eve. Fill it with chocolate, sweets or small toys – whatever your little one likes.

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