Which Wetherspoons are closing and why? Full list of their 32 pubs up for sale

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Find out which Wetherspoons are closing near you via our full list below.

Wetherspoons has undoubtedly became a part of the British identity - with the popular pub chain having established itself over the years as the go-to destination for those seeking a cheap pint or classic Wetherspoons breakfast (opens in new tab). The company owns a whopping 800 pubs across England and Ireland. But sadly, this number is set to dwindle somewhat soon following news that the chain is set to close 32 of it's watering holes.

Drinkers across England are to be affected, with pubs closing in the North and South alongside several shutting their doors in the capital. It's been a similar story for shoppers in recent years too, with M&S stores closing down (opens in new tab), 132 McColl's shops shutting their doors (opens in new tab) and some Wilko stores closing (opens in new tab) in 2022 too. We share the list and locations of the Wetherspoons pubs set to shut and explain the reason behind the decision.

Which Wetherspoons are closing? Full list

  1. Silkstone Inn - Barnsley
  2. Hope and Champion - Beaconsfield
  3. Wrong ‘Un - Bexleyheath
  4. Christopher Creeke - Bournemouth
  5. Bank House - Cheltenham
  6. Water House - Durham
  7. Percy Shaw - Halifax
  8. Jolly Sailor - Hanham
  9. Cliftonville Inn - Hove
  10. Asparagus - London (Battersea)
  11. Miller's Well - London (East Ham)
  12. Bankers Draft - London (Eltham)
  13. Hudson Bay - London (Forest Gate)
  14. Capitol - London (Forest Hill)
  15. Moon on the Hill - London (Harrow)
  16. Toll Gate - London (Hornsey)
  17. Penderel's Oak - London (Holborn)
  18. Angel - London (Islington)
  19. Alfred Herring - London (Palmers Green)
  20. Moon & Bell - Loughborough
  21. Last Post - Loughton
  22. Widow Frost - Mansfield
  23. Resolution - Middlesborough
  24. Foxley Hatch - Purley
  25. Rising Sun - Redditch
  26. Sennockian - Sevenoaks
  27. Admiral Sir Lucius Curtis - Southampton
  28. Butler's Bell - Stafford
  29. Colombia Press - Watford
  30. Billiard Hall - West Bromwich
  31. Malthouse - Willenhall
  32. John Masefield - Wirral

England's capital is set to be the most affected by the Wetherspoons closures, with nine pubs set to be shut down in popular locations such as Islington, Holburn and Battersea. 

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The London closures follow in the wake of other recent Croydon-based pub closures - also owned by the chain. The Skylark in South End shut it's doors in March and The Milan Bar ceased trading on Valentine's Day 2022. Fellow Croydon pub Foxley Hatch (opens in new tab) - which is on the list - marks the third Wetherspoons in the area set to go in under a year.

Outside of the capital, Wetherspoon closures will also hit coastal hotspots such as Southampton, Bournemouth and Hove. West Bromwich and Barnsley are another two towns set to be affected.

Why are Wetherspoons closing some pubs?

J D Wetherspoons company spokesman Eddie Gershon confirmed that the upcoming Wetherspoons closures are down to a "commercial decision". "We understand that customers and staff will be disappointed with it," he added.

It's thought that staffing issues and a slump in trade are factors that could have contributed to this decision. In July 2022, it was reported (opens in new tab) that the company were expecting a £30 million loss, with data suggesting sales of draught ales, ciders and lagers were down by 8% annually.

Boris Johnson poses with a pint of beer next to Wetherspoons owner Tim Martin

Boris Johnson poses with a pint of beer next to Wetherspoons owner Tim Martin at the Metropolitan Bar, London.

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The chain's founder Tim Martin (opens in new tab) said that Wetherspoons and the wider hospitality sector were still dealing with these after-effects from the Coronavirus pandemic.

"There have been many unintended consequences," he said of the lockdowns and Covid-19 era. "Large numbers of people, as has been widely reported, have left the workforce, mainly through early retirement."

“Many people now work from home, rather than from offices, which has had a significant impact on transport and hospitality businesses, among other examples," he continued.

Martin also shared that the chain had been "investing heavily" in Wetherspoons's work force, properties and relationships with their landlords and suppliers. The company have spent around £99 million on repair costs this year alone - an increase from the £76.9 million spent between 2018-2019.

Nevertheless, "The company remains cautiously optimistic about future prospects," added Martin.

When will the Wetherspoons pubs close?

"The pubs will continue to operate as Wetherspoon outlets until they are sold," said JD Wetherspoons spokesman Eddie Gershon. The 32 pubs up for sale are being listed by commercial property specialists CBRE and Savills.

CBRE senior director Tony Hall said that the pubs on offer "represent an excellent opportunity for existing pub operators and new entrants".

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