12 easy-peasy no-bake treats perfect for kids' birthday parties (#1 is made with Party Rings - yes, really!)

These easy no-bake kids’ party treats can all be prepared ahead and also make a great weekend activity to keep little ones entertained...

mars bar slice
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This tasty collection of no-bake recipes will give you lots of inspiration for the snack table at your little one’s party and would make a great choice if they don’t like cake. 

Unlike some birthday cakes for kids, which require a long list of ingredients and hours of preparation time, these no-bake cake recipes are easy to prepare ahead and can chill overnight while you grapple with setting up a balloon arch or any last-minute wrapping. 

The recipes are simple to slice into squares or rectangles, making them ideal for sharing and wrapping up party bags. They are also easy to scale up or down depending on how many people you’re hosting.

Stick some candles on top and serve them as an alternative to birthday cake or if you need some sweet kid's party food ideas, many of the recipes can double up as a great snack option as part of your buffet food spread.

No-bake party treats for kids

pink cake

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1. Pink cake bar

Serves: 15 | Total time: 25 mins, plus setting

We’ve made this fridge cake using a combination of pink wafers and Party Rings biscuits but you can easily customise it with your favourite biscuits, cookies, sweets, and chocolate bars. Using a rectangular or square tin will make it easier to cut into uniform portions but you could also make this in round tins if that’s all you have. We find it best to cut into wedges if using circular tins. 

Kids can help crush the biscuits and wafers and once the chocolate is melted, they can help mix everything too. Let them take the lead when it comes to decorating the top of the cake but consider adding some freeze-dried strawberries or raspberries. This will not only add an extra pop of colour, but it will also bring some zingy flavour contrast to the sweet white chocolate and condensed milk.

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mars bar slice

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2. Mars bar slice crispy cake

Serves: 16 | Total time: 20 mins, plus setting 

A chocolate lover’s dream, this slice is the perfect combination of textures. The crispy rice base is topped with creamy chocolate and chunks of caramel-filled Mars Bar pieces. You only need four different ingredients to make this recipe which means it’s a good budget-friendly choice for parties. It’s also super easy to make with just three steps in the method. 

We melt the chocolate over a pan of boiling water but you could also do it in short bursts in the microwave if you prefer. Depending on how young your kids are, this is a great recipe for building confidence and independence in the kitchen. 

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No-bake toffee krispie bars

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3. No-bake toffee Krispie bars

Makes: 12 | Total time: 15 mins, plus setting

These bars are unbelievably tasty and take 15 minutes to prepare and should be chilled overnight for the best chewy texture. However, if you’re impatient, 15 minutes in the fridge should be enough time for you to slice it into squares or rectangles. 

If you fancy serving this as part of a buffet, you could also spoon the mixture into little paper cases and decorate them with sprinkles or chocolate chips. We’ve used Rice Krispies but for a chocolate twist, consider using your favourite brand of chocolate-flavoured toasted rice cereal. Cheerios and cornflakes are also fun choices.

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rice krispie stars and sprinkles

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4. Rice Krispie stars and sprinkles

Makes: 12-15 | Total time: 25 mins, plus setting 

These pops are a great activity for kid's parties and they double up as a delicious treat. Set up a selection of sprinkle and topping stations and let the little ones decorate their own pop. Although we’ve used sprinkles and dried fruits, nuts, chocolate chips and sweets like jelly beans and dolly mixture would make nice alternative toppings. 

If you can’t get hold of lolly sticks, try using some colourful paper straws instead. It’s best to let the pops set completely before eating, so consider making these at the start of the party and then sending them home with their creation at the end. 

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Maltesers rocky road on a plate with icing sugar dusting

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5. Maltesers rocky road

Serves: 12 | Total time: 25 mins, plus setting 

This is a great recipe for using up odds and ends that you might have in the cupboard. We’ve used digestives and mini marshmallows but you can use your favourite biscuits and snip some regular marshmallows into smaller pieces. Little helpers can bash the biscuits up and mix all the ingredients. They’ll also love decorating the top of the rocky road with extra chocolate and mini marshmallows. 

We’ve used dark chocolate but you can swap to milk or white if you prefer. Rocky Road is a great choice for parties because it’s easy to slice and can be made a couple of days ahead and kept in the fridge. It’s also easy to make in whatever tins or containers you have at home. You could even push the mixture into different-shaped cookie moulds and leave it to set. Consider making a rocky road tower if you want to make a show-stopping no-bake birthday cake.

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Custard Cream biscuit bars

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6. Custard Cream biscuit bars

Makes: 9-12 | Total time: 30 mins, plus setting

This is another delicious biscuit-based treat that requires only five ingredients. You can easily customise it depending on your preferences. For example, swap the glacé cherries for a mix of raisins, sultanas, and dried cranberries. Dried chopped apricots work nicely too.

You can add nuts to the mixture too and feel free to decorate with an array of melted chocolates and edible treats. Slice into 9 squares or 12 rectangles. You could also cut it into triangles if you prefer or spoon the mixture into little paper cupcake cases. To intensify the vanilla flavour from the custard creams, consider adding a little vanilla bean paste or essence to the mixture too.  

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no bake raspberry chocolate cupcakes

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7. No-bake raspberry chocolate cupcakes

Makes: 8 | Total time: 2 hours 15 mins, plus setting

This recipe combines a shop-bought Madeira cake with melted chocolate and cream cheese to make eight delicious little treats. It’s easy to scale up if you want to make more or consider using smaller muffin cases to make the mixture go further. 

We’ve used raspberries but you can use strawberries if you prefer and the white chocolate can be swapped for milk or dark. The cakes will need to be kept in the fridge because they contain cream cheese so might not be suitable if you’re hosting an outdoor party in the summer. 

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rocky road

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8. Rocky Road bars

Makes: 16 | Total time: 2 hours 45 minutes 

Nothing beats a classic Rocky Road and this recipe couldn’t be easier to make. It uses seven ingredients and takes less than three hours to make, including the chill time.  We like to use plain chocolate but use milk, white or dark if you prefer. You can add a selection of biscuits or fold in some popped rice or cornflakes for a different kind of crunch. Dried fruits like raisins and sultanas also add a nice flavour and chewy texture. 

Little ones will need to be supervised while melting the butter, chocolate, and golden syrup but they can be very hands-on with the mixing and assembling of the Rocky Road bars. 

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Marshmallow sandwich

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9. Chocolate marshmallow sandwich biscuits

Makes: 10 | Total time: 25 mins, plus setting 

With only four ingredients, these sandwich biscuits are an excellent sweet option for the party buffet but they are also a fun activity for the kids to make. We’ve used rich tea biscuits but you can swap for cookies or homemade biscuits if you prefer. Choose a chocolate-topped biscuit like a chocolate digestive for an even more indulgent twist. 

The biscuits are stuck together thanks to a sticky marshmallow mixture but you could make more basic creations using jam or chocolate spread as the filling. 

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Chocolate and coconut Bounty slice

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10. Coconut slice

Makes: 12-16 | Total time: 3 hours 10 mins 

This simple slice has all the flavours of a Bounty chocolate bar. We combine coconut biscuits with chocolate, coconut chips, coconut cream, raisins, and golden syrup to make an easy fridge cake. 

There are only three steps in the method and it takes around 3 hours to chill completely. If you have time, leave it overnight to make it easier to slice. For a pop of colour you can scatter the top with sprinkles or fresh raspberries. You could also add some chopped dried mango to continue the tropical flavour theme. 

Get the recipe: Coconut slice

maltesers bites

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11. Maltesers traybake bites

Makes: 12-16 | Total time: 30 mins, plus setting 

If Maltesers and white chocolate are two of your children's favourite treats, this is the perfect bake to make with them. You only need six different ingredients and around 30 minutes for the mixture to set. This is easy to slice and can also be made the night before if you’re hosting a party. 

Consider drizzling the top with any leftover milk chocolate for a nice two-tone effect. You could also feather it as you would for the top of a millionaire’s shortbread if you want to show off a little. Use any chopped-up chocolate bars to decorate the top if you run out of Maltesers or use a scattering of sprinkles, nuts, and chopped dried fruits. 

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mini oreo cheesecakes

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12. Mini Oreo cheesecakes

Makes: 12 | Total time: 20 mins, plus chilling

Our mini cheesecakes have a whole Oreo biscuit on the base, plus more crushed and mixed through the creamy filling. You could use mini Oreos to decorate the tops or drizzle over a little melted chocolate instead. 

The recipe is perfect for making with kids but be prepared for a couple of biscuits to be ‘tasted’ as you go… We have a great video showing exactly how little ones can get involved. If you don’t have paper cases, use a deep muffin tin and grease the sides liberally with some melted butter. Place a strip of parchment paper in each space, this will help you lift each cheesecake up and out of the tin once they are set. 

Get the recipe: Mini Oreo cheesecakes

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“Rocky Road is one of my favourite things to make for loved ones and I always spruce it up with whatever needs to be used up in the cupboards. Pistachios add a gorgeous colour and visual cross-section once sliced. I’ve also made batches with pieces of nougat mixed in before so don’t be afraid to experiment.

One year I made a Rocky Tower by making a couple of batches and setting it in different-sized cake tins. I stacked them up on a cake stand and as soon as the candles were blown out, I cut it into portions.” 

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