12 no-cook dinners for summer nights

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  • When it's hot outside the last thing you want is to switch the oven on.

    Try our no-cook dinners instead! Choose from filling salads, easy couscous and chilled soups…

    When it’s hot outside the last thing you want is to switch the cooker on or fire up the hob. Not only will it make your whole house warm, but you’ll no doubt spend more time in the kitchen cooking if it’s an elaborate home-cooked delight.

    And while that might be exactly what’s needed in the winter, there’s no need for it in the summer. Opt for a no-cook meal for a light summery lunch instead, or serve it at a dinner party alongside a summer soup like gazpacho. Your guests will love the creativity behind some of these dishes, packed with nutrients as well as being flavoursome and (although you don’t have to tell them this) really easy to dish up.

    So whether you opt for a light potato salad recipe for a cheap way to do a BBQ or go for something more adventurous like a Greek salad, these no-cook dinner ideas are sure to go a long way this summer.

    Put down the apron, grab the wine out of the fridge and head out into the garden to eat with the family.

    First on the list is this delicious and easy cauliflower and radish salad. There’s no oven required to make this hearty salad. It’s made with crisp raw cauliflower and radishes, red pepper and chickpeas which are all tossed together with a creamy dressing.

    Get the recipe: Cauliflower and radish salad

    Now looking for something sweet? Try our summer desserts with things like ice cream and seasonal cupcakes on the list. You might have spend some time in the kitchen but we promise it will be well worth it.

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