32 no-bake desserts

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  • No-bake desserts are a great choice for beginner bakers, having fun with kids in the kitchen, or for people who just don't want to turn the oven on to make some sweet treats!

    Step away from the oven! These no-bake desserts are beautiful and delicious – and there’s no cooking required. Impress the family with one of these easy but elegant puds that can all be made without turning on the oven and include classic chocolate mousses, fancy fruit salads, tortes, a parfait and some irresistible ice cream treats.

    These desserts are brilliant for making ahead if you’ve got a crowd coming over. They’re also ideal for family treats on hot days or for making while you’ve got dinner cooking in the oven.

    Have a look at all of our delicious, bake-free desserts…