11 ways to pimp your mince pies

Pimp your mince pies with fun and easy twists. How about puff pastry mince pies, filo mince pies, Bakewell mince pies or even Slimming World mince pies?! The Christmassy possibilities are endless.

How about puff pastry mince pies, filo mince pies, Bakewell mince pies or even Slimming World mince pies? The possibilities are endless.

We just love a good old mince pie in the run up to Christmas. They're a sign that Christmas really is on a way. They’re so easy to make and get you in the festive spirit.

We’ve got lots of delicious recipes to choose from including tasty twists, like festive cranberries, tangy orange pastry and boozy recipes, and some fun baking ideas, like mincemeat cupcakes and pops. Our recipes even include ways to use up leftovers including mince pie ice cream and bread and butter pudding.

You can freeze them just before baking and you won't even have to defrost them as you can bake from frozen - that will certainly save you some time (which you can put to good use Christmas shopping!).

So whether your mince pies are for a Christmas party, buffet spread, a family gathering, Christmas Day or as a little treat to leave out for Santa, our selection of easy recipes will come in very handy.

1. Puff pastry mince pies

Puff pastry mince pies / Credit: TI Media

Get the recipe: Puff pastry mince pies

We just love these puff pastry mince pies.This recipe makes 18 delicious, soft puff pastry mince pies and takes around 1hr to prepare and cook – they’re well worth the wait! Made with puff pastry sheets and ready made mincemeat, these mince pie parcels are easy peasy!

2. Mince pie cupcakes

Mince pie cupcakes

Get the recipe: Mince pie cupcakes

Kids not keen on mince pies? They've love these mince pie cupcakes. With just a hint of the rich flavours, they're sure to please even the most fussy eaters. They look really delicate and are full of fruity mincemeat as well as some naughty brandy.

3. Filo pastry mince pies

Filo mince pies

Get the recipe: Filo pastry mince pies

If you're looking for a very simple mince pie recipe, we'd highly recommend this one. Shop-bought filo pastry will add a crisp coating to your mince pies, readymade mincemeat for the filling and a drizzle of brandy. Delicious!

4. Mince pie pops

Mince pie pops

Get the recipe: Mince pie pops

Turn your classic mince pies into mince pie pops! They're much easier to make than they may look and would make the perfect food gift during the festive season. Just pop in a clear cellophane bag and tie with red and white ribbon.

5. Slimming World's mince pies

Slimming World mince pies / Credit: Slimming World

Get the recipe: Slimming World's mince pies

Yes, Slimming World have there very own mince pies! These mince pies are guilt-free, perfect if you're trying to be good this Christmas.

6. Bakewell mince pies

Bakewell mince pies / Credit: TI Media

Get the recipe: Bakewell mince pies

If you love Bakewell tarts and you love mince pies, you really must try this hybrid! These Bakewell mince pies are spot on. This recipe makes 21 to 24 pies, great for visiting family and friends over the Christmas period. Dust with icing sugar for serving.

7. Mince pie ice cream

Mince pie icecream

Get the recipe: Mince pie ice cream

Turn your leftover mince pies from Christmas (a rare occurrence, we know) into mince pie ice cream. It's much easier to make than you may think.

8. Mince pie snowflakes

Mince pie snowflakes

Get the recipe: Mince pie snowflakes

These mince pie snowflakes take mince pies to the next level with a buttery pastry and rich filling.

9. Mince pies with orange pastry

Mince pies with orange pastry

Get the recipe: Mince pies

Give your mince pies a new lease of life with this quick and easy mince pies recipe for orange-infused pastry. It works wonders with the soft mince pie filling.

10. Mary Berry's mincemeat bread and butter pudding

Mary Berry's mincemeat bread and butter pudding

Get the recipe: Mincemeat bread and butter pudding

Got leftovers? Mary Berry's mincemeat bread and butter pudding makes a lovely festive pud.

11. Chocolate orange brownie mince pies

Chocolate orange brownie mince pies


Get the recipe: Chocolate orange brownie mince pies

Turn your mince pies into chocolate treats with this chocolate orange brownie mince pies recipe.

Got your own twist? Comment below and tell us how you'd pimp your mince pies...

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