The Mamas & Papas Tempo 3-in-1 Rocker & Bouncer is a must-have for babies with reflux

Designed to keep newborns upright, helping them to digest their food, this is the only baby bouncer to buy for little ones with reflux

The Tempo 3-in-1 Rocker/Bouncer
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GoodtoKnow Verdict

"The 3-in-1 Tempo comes with a magnetic activity bar to engage babies, plus two bouncer settings and a rocker mode to calm and relax them. It keeps babies upright, helping them to digest milk and prevent vomiting, while the neutral colour palette will appeal to style-conscious parents. One of my favourite things about this bouncer is how supported and upright my baby is."

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Value for money

  • +

    Stylish design

  • +

    Good for refluxy babies

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Difficult to assemble

  • -

    Activity bar falls down

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We tested the Mamas & Papas' Tempo 3-in-1 Rocker & Bouncer to see which babies it would best suit and how it fared against the competition. 

The Mamas & Papas' Tempo 3-in-1 Rocker & Bouncer has been designed for babies from birth up to the age of six months. It has two different bouncer settings and a rocker mode and comes with a detachable head support pillow, activity bar, and a useful pocket for extra storage. 

Its upright position makes this a great choice for babies struggling with reflux, as it will help them digest their milk more easily and keep them comfortable and supported. 

If you're looking for a baby bouncer from birth, this is a great option. 

Reviewed by
Reviewed by
Sophie Taylor

For this review, asked Sophie Taylor, one of our parent testers, to try out the Mamas & Papas' Tempo Bouncer for a minimum of one month with her baby, Arabella, aged 14 weeks. Sophie loved its neutral design and how helpful it was for Arabella's reflux, telling us: "If your baby suffers from reflux and you need to keep them upright for quite a while after feeding, I would highly recommend this baby bouncer".

Mamas & Papas' Tempo 3-in-1 Bouncer is a neutrally coloured piece of baby kit that blends seamlessly into most interiors. It can be used from birth and has been designed to be supportive of newborns' weak neck muscles and babies up to the age of six months. 

"It's great for keeping baby upright after a feed and prevents you having to hold them upright for 15 minutes or so," said Sophie. "It's also very stylish which I love."

Price and availability

You can currently buy the Mamas & Papas' Tempo Rocker on the Mamas & Papas' website for the RRP of £99. While this might be out of some people's budgets, Sophie thought it well-priced. 

"Overall I think this is a fantastic value-for-money rocker/bouncer," she said. "It’s definitely one of the most stylish I have come across and kept my baby upright, supported, and happy!"

Sophie acknowledged that cheaper baby bouncers exist but considers this great value for money nonetheless.

The Tempo Baby Bouncer and Rocker from Mamas and Papas

(Image credit: Mamas and Papas)

Design and features

Weighs: 3.4 kg | Age: Birth to 6 months  

Sophie couldn't stop raving about how stylish and chic the Tempo was and it scored highly for her when it came to looks. "Regarding the design, I loved how modern and stylish it is and it blends in nicely at home. I’m a big fan of the neutral, muted colours that are less garish, but if you wanted to switch up the toys on the activity bar to something more colourful that’s really easy to do as the toys are detachable."

"One of my favourite things about this product is how supported and upright my baby is when using the bouncer," she said. This upright position was also helpful as it aids the baby with the digestion of milk and prevents reflux. 

"It gives mum a bit of a break from holding the baby whilst knowing they are supported and in the right position for their feed to digest properly." 

To keep them upright and to add to their comfort, there's a safety harness and headrest. Sophie said: "When they are really tiny, the headrest and harness give you peace of mind that they are well supported, although, once my baby got a little bigger, and had better neck support, we stopped using the headrest so I liked that it is detachable."

There's plenty here to keep the parents happy but what about the babies? Are they entertained? 

According to Sophie, babies give this piece of kit a thumbs up too: "My baby loves to be rocked, so the 3-in-1 functionality is really great and, if they get a little fussy, you can switch the setting to soothe/distract them," she said. "My baby was really content in the bouncer and it gave me freedom to get on with other things while they watched me. It’s obviously a manual bouncer unlike others you can buy but I think that is reflected in the price point and personally I prefer the look of the manual ones rather than a motorised bouncer. Plus this needs no batteries!"

How we tested

  • Assembled the baby bouncer to check how easy it is to put together
  • Tested out the baby bouncer for a minimum of one month
  • Noted the different features to see what this product does that others don't 

Things you won't find on the box

One little negative that Sophie found was that the Tempo was a bit "confusing to assemble". Once up, she also struggled a little with the magnetic toy bar. 

"I did find the magnetic bar a bit temperamental, as it wouldn't always stay up, so I tend to use it more without the bar."

Apart from that, she liked many of the Tempo's extra features. "The hidden pocket at the back was handy for keeping an emergency muslin in," she said. "It's also very lightweight which I found useful for when you’re carrying the baby in one arm and moving the bouncer around the house. A lot of bouncers are much clunkier."

Another big plus was how easy the bouncer was to clean - crucial with a baby who's prone to reflux. "The material is really easy to wipe clean which is a bonus; the cover is machine washable but I did find it a bit tricky to remove it and then reassemble after washing."

Who's it best for

Sophie feels the Tempo Rocker would suit 'someone who wants something aesthetically pleasing at a good price point'. It's not garish and colourful, unlike many bouncers on sale, but young babies will still enjoy playing in it. At just under £100, it's not a budget buy but it's also not the most expensive bouncer on the market.

"I would also recommend this for babies who vomit a lot after feeds and who therefore need to be kept upright," Sophie added. 

Need an alternative?

At around £100, this may be out of some parents' budgets. If you want something a little more affordable, we named the Babymoov Graphik Bouncer our Best Overall Buy. Alternatively, the Joie Sansa 2-in-1 rocker has a self-rocking motion that many parents very much appreciate. 

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