Which toys are at McDonald's now? Current Happy Meal toys in the UK

Here's what you can expect to find in your kid's next Happy Meal...

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Happy Meals are a convenient lunch option for kids, whether it's grabbing a quick bite while running errands, stopping off on a long car journey or just as a treat. But before you buy you might want to know which toys are at McDonald's right now.

Many of us have fond memories of trips to McDonald's as a child, and over the years the fast food giant has introduced some of the best toys for keeping kids entertained while they're eating, from Minions and Furbys to Disney characters and Frozen toys too. Available for a limited time and often collectable, some Happy Meal toys even go on to become worth a lot of money.

Available for just a fraction of the price of adult meals, Happy Meals contain a choice of fish fingers, chicken McNuggets or veggie dippers with an apple & grapefruit bag, or carrot bag side, and drink options include water, milk, or a Fruit Shoot - plus, the all important toy. Whether McDonald's is your Friday evening ritual or reserved for special occasions, if you've got kids you probably want to know what toys are at McDonald's before you order.

What toys are at McDonald's now in the UK and US?

Starting 27 March 2024, the McDonald's Happy Meal toys are a selection of Uno card packs. The classic card game is appearing in Happy Meals for the first time ever, and will be available until 7 May 2024.

There are six Uno card packs available, including the iconic classic Uno card pack as well as five card packs with designs featuring well-known DreamWorks film characters from Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, Madagascar, Trolls and Megamind.

From colour-matching cards to exciting wildcards, the iconic DreamWorks characters bring bursts of nostalgia for parents and waves of excitement for little ones. Each DreamWorks character encourages families to be bold, fearless, explore their individuality – and most importantly, have fun!

Meanwhiel, families looking for a book instead of a toy can opt for one of two Little People Big Dreams books:

  • I Can Be An Astronaut: Discover the life of Neil Armstrong, the first person to walk on the moon, and be inspired by the life of Sally Ride, the first American woman in space.
  • I Can Be A Brave Adventurer: From Amelia’s bravery in the air, to Mary’s amazing Discoveries, to Ernest’s expedition to South Pole, Your child can read about three of the world’s bravest adventurers.

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