Heartbreak High Ending explained: What happened to Harper and is there a season 2?

***Spoiler Alert*** Heartbreak High reboot has got fans wondering what happened at the end as we look at all you need to know.

Heartbreak High ending explained
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Since the Heartbreak High reboot hit screens, fans of the popular Australian school-based drama television series have been desperate to understand the ending and what happened to Harper?

If you've binge watched Heartstopper or love a bit of Derry Girls, then this new teen drama is one you will want to add to your watch 'list' on the Netflix streaming platform. The 2022 series created by Hannah Carroll Chapman, is a reboot of the 1994 series that was first screened on Network Ten but ended on 29th November 1999.

But fast-forward almost 23 years and there's a fresh class of teenagers in town as we explain the all the drama... 

Heartbreak High: Ending explained

Heartbreak High's eight-episode run has come to an end and the final episode sees Harper (Asher Yasbincek) finally open up to Amerie (Ayesha A. Madon) about her trauma, while Darren (James Majoos) faces a tearful confession; a street encounter takes a violent turn.

Fans who watched episode seven will have seen Amerie finally remember what happened on the night of the festival after a cocktail of drugs and alcohol temporarily wiped her memory clean, but now she's sober she's found clarity.

Heartbreak High ending explained

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Amerie's soon forgets about dating Dustin when she has a drunken hook-up with Spider (Bryn Chapman Parish) and it leads to her ignoring Harper, as she banged on her bedroom window late at night begging to come in. That decision led to huge consequences for her and it sparked events that kickstarted the series, including the end of their friendship.

What happened to Harper in Heartbreak High?

In Heartbreak High Harper reports her sexual assault to police but withholds the names of those involved over fear for her own safety after she's told that prosecution is unlikely without any concrete evidence.

For anyone who missed the episode, let's take it back to the festival where Harper gets separated from her friends and after drinking too much she ends up in the car of drug dealer Chook (Tom Wilson). After passing out, she wakes up in the back seat of the vehicle between Chook's friends, who are groping her.

Harper asks to go home but is taken the wrong way and realises her sexual assault fate. The car stops to allow Chook and Tilla (Kye McMaster) get out of the car, leaving Harper trapped in the back seat, with the doors locked, next to Jayden (Ari McCarthy).

But coming to her aid is Ca$h (Will McDonald), who has been sitting in the front the whole time slowly panicking for Harper. He gives her the signal that he's about to release the 'unlock' button in the front and once sure she has got the message, he presses the button to let her out.

She makes a desperate dash to escape from the car, but a clump of her hair ends up in Jayden's grasp as he tries to keep her in the car.

After being chased, she hides and Chook and his mates give up their pursuit and leave. But instead of going home, Harper sticks to her evening plans and heads to Amerie's house – but Amerie doesn't let her in. As a result, Harper is forced to return home to her father Jason amid a mental health crisis - he doesn't recognise his own daughter and mistakes her for the "wolf" intruder he feared.

In his confusion, Jason chased Harper around the house with the intent of severely punishing this 'intruder' but Harper is able to lock herself in her room for safety.

The next morning, a neighbour has called the emergency services and they take Harper into foster care and her dad receives medical support. But before she is rehomed, Harper tries to hide her missing clump of hair that was removed during her car attack the previous night, by shaving her head for the punk look.

And tying in with the final episode of the first season, Harper's dad has another breakdown and she is attacked again. In self-defence Harper stabs her father, landing him in hospital.

In a moment of anger and pain, she blames Amerie for not being there that night when she needed her the most but after talking it over, Amerie persuades Harper to go to the police about the sexual attack but as Harper fears, any chances of prosecution are slim without hard evidence.

Fearing for her safety, she doesn't give the names of those involved.

Heartbreak High ending explained

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What else has Thomas Weatherall from Heartbreak High been in?

Thomas Weatherall has been in a series of TV shows before joining the cast of Heartbreak High 2022 including Deadlock, Shed, All My Friends are Racist, RFDS and Troppo. He is a Kamilaroi writer and actor who became the 2021 Balnaves Fellow at Belvoir Theatre, and is under commission to write his debut play BLUE with the company.

Is there a Season 2 of Heartbreak High?

It's too early to know if there is a Season 2 of Heartbreak High coming to Netflix. The streaming service is likely to wait and see how viewers respond to this reboot before committing themselves to further seasons. 

Heartbreak High is currently at number eight in the Top 10 TV shows in the UK and the top 10 position is often used to determine whether a show gets renewed so it does bode well for the reboot, however, it's likely to be a couple of months before any formal decision is made.

Heartbreak High is available to stream worldwide on Netflix.

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