Is Grace Dent married and does she have kids? All we know ahead of her I'm A Celeb appearance

Those up-to-date with the I'm A Celeb cast announcements want to know if Grace Dent is married

Grace Dent in a jungle wearing the I'm A Celeb uniform
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The Master Chef regular and food writer is heading into the jungle, and viewers want to know if Grace Dent is married and whether she has kids. 

The I'm A Celeb 2023 line-up has been revealed and viewers are keen to know all about those who'll be taking on the bushtucker trial this year ahead of when I'm A Celebrity starts - including what happened between Jamie Lynn Spears and Britney.  Restaurant critic Grace Dent is also on the roster for the latest series, and her appearance has left many wanting to know more about her life and career.

She enjoys a reputation as one of the most celebrated food critics in the UK, currently working as restaurant critic for The Guardian while also making regular appearances on TV for Master Chef. But while her books, articles and columns about some of the most exclusive restaurants are well known, the food writer keeps her private life under wraps. Here's what we know about Grace Dent...

Is Grace Dent married?

Grace Dent is not married, though there are reports that she is engaged to her long-term partner, Charles. However, the food critic keeps her family life private, and hasn't publicly announced the news or shared any photos of the pair together. 

Speaking to Kate Thornton on the podcast White Wine Question Time, Grace opened up about her relationship. She said, "With my man, Charles, I think almost every day whenever I look at him: 'How did I pull this off?' Because before we got together, I used to follow him on Instagram, and he followed me and there was at least 24 months where I used to just look at his photo and go: 'He's so pretty.'"

Revealing how the pair got together, she added, "It was very gradual because we followed each other, because we knew people in common. It's a very modern but very mundane way of people getting together. One of you leaves a comment and then the other one leaves a comment back, but it was after about a year and a half, two years of leaving comments [that we met up]."

In 2022, Grace revealed that she and her partner live separately. In an interview with the Evening Standard, she said: "I live ostensibly on my own because my partner, Charlie, and I have separate homes, however the reality is he’s in my house most of the time, making a mess, eating food from my fridge and being looked after."

Does Grace Dent have kids?

Grace Dent doesn't have children, and she has previously opened up about making the decision not to have kids. 

In an article for The Guardian in 2018, she explained why the summer holidays often reminds her why she decided not to have children of her own. She wrote, "I do like children. Just not enough. This still feels like a radical thing for a woman to say."

With a nod to those who have decided to bring children into the world, she rounded off the article by saying, "Thank you for raising the future. You’re all amazing. But it’s still a no from me."

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What is Grace Dent famous for?

Grace Dent is a columnist, author and restaurant critic. She is known for her regular appearances as a critic on Master Chef, as well as being The Guardian's restaurant critic and author of Comfort Eating - and the host of a podcast with the same name. 

Grace grew up in Carlisle and went on to study English Literature at Stirling University, and after graduating worked for various women's lifestyle titles including Marie Claire, Glamour and Cosmopolitan

She then went on to write "World of Lather" for The Guardian, which focussed on her love of Coronation Street and other soap operas. Then, after leaving to write a food column for The Evening Standard - which won her 'Reviewer of the Year' in 2017 - Grace returned to The Guardian as restaurant critic in 2018. 

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