Meghan Markle was ‘really good fun’ and ‘very humble’ before she ‘had to cull’ her friends after meeting Prince Harry, claims former friend

“It's interesting to have known her to see what it's like for her now”

Meghan Markle
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A former friend of Meghan Markle's has said she was "always very nice" and "humble" before she "had to cull" friends after meeting Prince Harry.

Before meeting Prince Harry and being forced to 'cull' many of her friends, Meghan Markle was ‘really good fun’, 'very nice' and ‘very humble’, according to one of her former friends. 

Nick Ede, a presenter and royal expert who has known Meghan since 2013, discussed the details of his friendship with her and shared how the relationship came to an end when she met Prince Harry.

Nick told The Express how he became friends Meghan when she was an actress, explaining, "I do a lot of work with lots of Hollywood stars, and I was working with Eva Longoria doing all her charity work. So I asked Megan to host the Global Gift Gala, which is a big charity event that we do."

"So, Meghan flew in and we became really good friends. We had a really nice, fun, good relationship and we're friends for a few years before obviously, she had to cull everybody."

Meghan Markle

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Speaking about Meghan's personality prior to her induction into royal life, he shared that she "was very independent and actually she was really good fun. It was obvious that she wanted to find a man and she wanted an English man, definitely.

"She was really good fun. Always very nice and very, very humble as a person. It's interesting to have known her to see what it's like for her now in LA."

Nick also commented on Meghan's love of charity work, sharing that she always had a genuine interest in making the world a better place. He revealed that she was always "great at altruistic behaviour, being charitable, giving back and giving purpose, and giving people a voice."

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But upon meeting Prince Harry, Nick claimed that he was dropped by Meghan as royal life forced her to tighten her inner circle. And he is not the only person who has claimed that Meghan cut ties with them after beginning her relationship with Prince Harry. 

Journalist and presenter Piers Morgan also claimed Meghan "dropped him". On This Morning, in March 2021, he revealed that he had met Meghan prior to her relationship with Harry, though their friendship came to a swift end. 

When discussing the royal couple's explosive Oprah interview, Morgan said, "We're all going to watch it. And I'll watch it through a slightly jaundiced eye I can't pretend I have from my own experience of having been friendly with Meghan and then been ditched like a sack of spuds!

"I don't know her anywhere near as well as I know you guys but I find it odd when people are overtly friendly to you for quite a long period of time - 18 months or so - and then because they meet someone higher up the social ladder, they ditch you."

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