Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis appear "protective" of “nurturing” Kate Middleton in sweet Mother’s Day photos, says body language expert

“This seems to be all about cherishing their mother”

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis
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The sweet Mother's Day photos shared by Kate Middleton and Prince William last week showed Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are "protective" of their mother according to a body language expert. 

To celebrate Mother's Day last Sunday, the Wales' delighted royal fans by sharing some previously unseen photos of their family-of-five. The photos showed Kate Middleton posing in a tree with her three young children, Prince George, nine, Princess Charlotte, seven, and Prince Louis, four. 

While some royal fans pointed out that the photos were likely taken during the Summer due to the family's lightweight clothing, perhaps when the family took their Christmas card photos, others fussed over how 'grown up' Princess Charlotte looked in the sweet snaps.

But for one body language expert, the children's body language is what stood out the most, with the way the way the family chose to sit during this photo shoot saying a whole lot about their close familial bond.

Speaking to Express, body language expert Judi James said of the photos, "Her two boys use protective signals as they pose alongside her, with George leaning in and placing one leg across her in a barrier gesture, while even little Louis sits with his arm extended across her torso, and his hand holding her leg."

While Princess Charlotte sat slightly away from her mother and brothers in the pictures, James believes her posture still illustrated just how close her bond to them is. She said, "With Charlotte’s mirroring rituals as she sits opposite her mother, this seems to be all about cherishing their mother who they all see as one of their play group."

It's not just the children's body language speaking volumes. For James, the pictures also show Kate's highly praised parenting skills in action. "Kate seems to be revealing two different aspects of motherhood in these adorable photos with her children," she said.

"In the photo with Louis though we can see Kate’s own protective, maternal side emerging. Louis is such a confident, playful boy but here we can see him being cherished and cradled like a small child, with Kate looking down with a warmly loving facial expression.

"Her parenting style looks flexible, with an emphasis on fun and promoting feelings of freedom. She can clearly join in the play like one of the children but also switch to a very classic nurturing form of more protective love to keep her children feeling safe and protected when necessary."

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