Prince Louis' 'legendary' appearance at Glastonbury is 'everything' but here's why it might have sparked fears for Kate and William

Prince Louis was spotted at Glastonbury...

Prince Louis main and drop in of Pyramid stage Glastonbury
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Prince Louis' 'legendary' appearance at Glastonbury is 'everything' but here's why it might have sparked fears for Kate Middleton and Pince William.

Prince Louis' made a 'legendary' appearance at this year's Glastonbury but while a meme of his face was flying high on a flag, parents Kate Middleton and Prince William could be facing concern over his future. 

According to an expert, the Prince and Princess are likely to freak out over fans turning their son's 'cheeky' pose of covering his ears with his hands at the Queen's Jubilee flypast, into a comedy meme printed on a flag.

The Wales youngster is certainly used to stealing the limelight at royal events, and at the weekend - despite not being on the royal calendar, he was just as notable as Elton John's gold suit.

It was previously claimed that Kate had fears of 'overwhelming scrutiny' over Prince George ahead of the Coronation, with the Wales' keen to shield their eldest from excessive attention of the media. And now it looks like Prince Louis is steadily becoming a fan favourite at events away from the Royal Family and could be as equally concerning for his parents.

Crowds of around 200,000 people gathered at Somerset's Worthy Farm for the annual music festival and there for all to see was a snapshot of Prince Louis' iconic 2021 moment.

Royal expert Daniela Elser warned in her column for, "I actually think, looking at that Glasto flag, that we have reached a tipping point – Louis has gone from royal kidlet to pop culture caricature; from child to entertaining character. Except he’s a boy, not a perpetual meme."

She went on to explain how a 'boundary' needed to be drawn between royal kids' public and private childhoods, "There needs to be a wider societal and cultural recalibration and some sort of boundary or two introduced here, some line between the Wales kids’ childhoods and their already nascent public lives and selves."

And with Kate and William's children said to be paving the way for a 'collective' future monarchy, it's claimed that Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will continue to be loved by the public provided they stick to two rules.

Prince Louis' 'legendary' appearance at Glastonbury - Prince George, Kate Middleton, Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte, and Prince William

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But that won't stop Kate and William from worrying about the future for their kids who aren't closer up of the royal line of succession like Prince George.

The Prince Louis flag at Glastonbury was posted to Twitter with the caption. "Prince Louis has made an appearance at this year's Glastonbury. An image of him taken during the Platinum Jubilee was spotted on one of the flags at this year's festival."

And fans cannot get enough, with one tweeting, "This flag is everything!"

Another put, "I want one!", while a third suggested, "We need to print Prince Louis T-Shirts."

But royal expert Daniela concluded, "We owe it to Louis to not make a joke out of him, to not render him a punchline or a cartoonish figure.

And if we fail, 30 years from now, it will be him sitting on a couch and pouring out his hurt feelings to Oprah’s hologram."

Prince Harry raised his fears for other 'young kids' in the Royal Family like George, Charlotte and Louis in his memoir Spare.

And biographer Tom Quinn recently told the Daily Beast, "The child most in danger from life in the gilded cage is Louis. My sources say George is already treated differently, not by his parents, but by other people and that Louis seems to play up to get attention."

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