The unusual detail on Prince George's birth certificate that caused confusion

Kate Middleton and Prince William's oldest son turns ten this weekend

Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince George - Prince George's birth certificate
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There was an unusual detail on Prince George's birth certificate that caused some confusion among royal fans when the document was released after his birth. 

Almost ten years ago, on 22 July 2013, Kate Middleton and Prince William welcomed their firstborn child in to the world. Immediately securing his position in the royal line of succession, the newborn Prince was given the name George Alexander Louis.

Protected from the public eye by his grandfather Michael Middleton's brilliant plan, the young Prince and his new parents were wrapped in the joy of their new life together and the family soon grew with the addition of George's younger siblings, Princess Charlotte in May 2015 and Prince Louis in April 2018. 

But while Kate and William are fiercely protective of their children’s privacy, there are still some aspects of their lives open to scrutiny and one has been raging on ever since the day Prince George was born. 

Prince George's birth certificate

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Despite being royals, as new parents, Kate and William had to fill out George's birth certificate, including the time and place of his birth. It's all admin, but one aspect of the document raised eyebrows.

Despite Kate being known as the Duchess of Cambridge at the time of George's birth, The Express reported that she noted down her occupation as  'Princess of the United Kingdom.'

Similarly, William's occupation was filled in as 'Prince of the United Kingdom' although he was working as an RAF helicopter pilot at the time. 

While the detail is unusual, it's not completely inaccurate. William holds the title of Prince as is his birth right, but in 2013 Kate was only a Princess through her marriage to William. At the time of George's birth, the couple's Duke and Duchess titles took precedence, whereas now their titles of Prince and Princess of Wales do.

Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince George

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But for the young Prince, these small details on his birth certificate are likely not even a passing thought as he gears up to celebrate his tenth birthday this weekend

As he grows up, a lot of things are changing for George. As well as getting a taste of boarding school life, his future as monarch is looming. But his parents are doing all that they can to give him as 'normal' of a life as they can. 

It was recently confirmed that George won't be forced to follow in Prince William's military footsteps, meaning he may be the first monarch not to receive military training, and George's home life with his siblings is just like that of any older brother as he navigates sibling arguments and receives no special treatment that excludes Prince Louis or his sister Princess Charlotte - he didn't even know he was going to be King until recently

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