Will there be a Ted Lasso spin-off? Everything we know

We want a spin-off, and we want it NOW

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Ted Lasso spin-off? We are not ready to say so long, farewell to the world's favourite football coach and his crew. Here's the rumours and what the cast have said about a continuation...

The Ted Lasso ending brought season 3 of the comedy to a perfect close. But it's not enough, and we aren't sure we'll ever get enough of Ted, Beard, and all of the amazing characters that wove their way around Richmond AFC and into our hearts. We knew by season 2 that season 3 could be the end, and with everyone still in denial, we've had our ears to the ground to listen out for any rumours of a potential Ted Lasso spin-off - here's everything we have found out.

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Will there be a Ted Lasso spin-off?

Although Apple TV is yet to confirm a Ted Lasso spinoff, several cast members have fuelled speculation that something could be in the works.

Jason Sudeikis himself, kicked off the rumours when talking to the Fly on the Wall podcast about how the series could continue. Uttering the key phrase "Yeah, there's opportunities, I think, for spin-offs," the actor said "Whether it's [a book], whether it's doing podcasts about the episodes to offer those audio commentaries ... Just to talk through things and the themes. And also it would explain the show in a much more cerebral way than I ever would have been able to explain it to anybody. Yeah, there's opportunities, I think, for spin-offs." 

Nate actor Nick Mohammed then set Twitter into a tailspin, after quote tweeting the official Apple TV account, seemingly alluding to a spin-off. Apple TV tweeted a picture of Coach Beard (Brendan Hunt), Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein) and Nathan Shelley (Nick Mohammed) with the simple caption "Smells like potential." Potential for a spin-off? We hope so, because Mohammed then quoted the tweet with a zipped mouth emoji, and fans think that means he already knows something but is remaining tight-lipped.

One viewer responded to the tease with "Are you serious right now? After watching the finale that literally put me in all my feels and then some. I would be so very happy for more because it is that good and deserving of more. If this is true, I am over the moon, and I really hope more happens."

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To top everything off, Coach Beard actor Brendan Hunt also hinted at a continuation of the show, during an interview with Digital Spy. When asked if he could envisage a future spin-off, the actor said "I definitely could," before jokingly quipping "I don't know that it will [happen] but if it does, whichever character it is about, I hope it's animated and they're fighting crime."

He concluded by saying that the cast and crew were going to take a break from the show - and each other, before teasing "We're going to take a break, get away from each other's pretty faces for a while, of which we are so tired. And then after that, everything's on the table." We think there's definitely something afoot, with all those allusions floating around.

Brett Goldstein, Juno Temple and Phil Dunster in Ted Lasso.

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Will there be a Ted Lasso season 4?

Although there could be spin-offs in the Ted Lasso universe, it appears very unlikely the actual Ted Lasso show will return in its original form.

Speaking to Deadline, Jason Sudeikis said "This is the end of this story that we wanted to tell, that we were hoping to tell, that we loved to tell. The fact that folks will want more and are curious beyond more than what they don’t even know yet - that being season three - it’s flattering."

The actor felt that fans might even have had enough of the characters by then, and not want any further Lasso action. He added "Maybe by May 31, once all 12 episodes of the season [have been released], they’re like, man you know what, we get it, we’re fine. We don’t need anymore, we got it. But until that time comes, I will appreciate the curiosity beyond what we’ve come up with so far." 

Of course, he was completely wrong that fans might've had enough, and is hopefully basking in that aforementioned flattery that the interest in seeing more from the cast is skyrocketing. 

Jason Sudeikis and Nick Mohammed in Ted Lasso.

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Why is Ted Lasso ending?

Apart from Jason Sudeikis sticking to his original plan of only running the show for a 3-season arc, there could be plenty of reasons Ted Lasso is coming to an end.

Sometimes there can be too much of a good thing, and the cast and crew will surely want to go out on a high, and not follow the route of other shows that went on for far too long (looking at you here, Grey's Anatomy). Ted's mental health had been explored in a delicate way, and the show had done its best to present positive male friendships - all without pushing the two issues to the point they became repetitive.

Bringing the women into the mix, Keeley's character experienced a huge amount of growth. There wasn't more to be explored for her in terms of career and finally realising that she can be just as happy alone than in a relationship. Although we secretly rooted for her to end up with Roy, when Jamie and Roy had their petty scrap over her, we also let out whoops of joy that she didn't allow herself to be fought over like a possession and told them both to be on their way - go Keeley!

Ted alluded to wanting to shine a light on different characters, by leaving a note for Tent Crimm on his book manuscript asking him to change the title. Originally titled "The Lasso Way" by Crimm, Ted wanted the change to read "The Richmond Way" because "It's not about me, it never was." Speaking to Esquire, Sudeikis weighed in on this, saying "I think that we’ve set the table for all sorts of folks to get to watch the further telling of these stories. Again, I can’t help but take the question as flattery for what all of us that were working on the show has tried to do. It’s really kind of folks to even consider that because you never know what’s gonna happen when you make things. The fact that people want more, even if it’s a different avenue is lovely."

Keeley's suggestion of a female AFC Richmond team could pave the way for a completely new cast, exploring totally different themes. Or if the show wants a spin-off that doesn't stray too far from the source material, we'd definitely be up for watching Beard and Jane spawn mini-Beards and enter into family life, or Roy on his journey to make therapy work after previous total resistance. 

James Lance in Ted Lasso

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Ted Lasso spin-off: What are the fans saying?

It's safe to say the fan insistence for a Ted Lasso spin-off is strong.

One fan wrote on Twitter "Ted Lasso is the perfect show and I refuse to believe they are not making a spin off" while another was quick to add "Absolutely hate how well they wrapped up the final episode of Ted Lasso. It’s perfect. But the problem is I want more, this show is too good to end here. Where’s the petition for a spin off show because I’m all over it? #TedLasso" 

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Continuing the theme of "just give us more," another fan tweeted "I put off watching the last ep of Ted Lasso because I knew i would be emotional. What a beautiful show that has, no exaggeration, changed my life and touched my heart in ways I fail to describe. If there's ever a spin off, I call dibs on that writer's room."

Another wrote "Me and E are in no way football fans. Yet, we have binged watch #tedlasso and absolutely loved it. Ted's journey may have come to an end at Richmond BUT that does not mean there are not more stories to tell for the club & all those whose lives it affects. PLEASE have a spin off." 

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