What happened to Tasha on Bake Off? Here's why the contestant was forced to leave early

One contestant was forced to duck out of Chocolate Week early, leaving Bake Off fans wondering what happened to Tasha

Tasha from Bake Off
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Chocolate Week proved to be a challenge for the bakers in more ways than one, leaving viewers wondering what happened to Tasha from Bake Off.

Few things are certain in life, but one of them is that Bake Off's Chocolate Week will always take place on the hottest day of the year. As the temperature in the tent rises, the Bake Off contestants grapple with the heat as they try to get their delicious creations to turn out just right. But one baker who struggled for an entirely different reason was 27-year-old Tasha Stones, from Bristol. 

Tasha, who is also the first deaf contestant to appear on The Great British Bake Off, was forced to leave the tent during the technical challenge due to the heat. Comforted by new Bake Off host Alison Hammond on her way out, her exit had many viewers wondering what happened to Tasha on Bake Off?

What happened to Tasha on Bake Off?

Tasha left the Bake Off tent during Chocolate Week after becoming overheated. That particular week took place on a very hot day, meaning the tent was extremely warm. Tasha suffered in the high temperatures, which made her feel unwell. 

Fortunately, she was able to make light of the situation. Tasha said, "Chocolate’s the thing that I reach for when I’m stressed or upset. The things you love the most, hurt you the most," in a post that was shared on the Bake Off Instagram account. 

Fans were quick to show their support for Tasha in the comments, with one Instagram user writing, "Keep on going Tasha, you're definitely my favourite." Another said, "She’s such a talented baker," while a third added, "Get well soon Tasha."

Why did Tasha leave Bake Off?

Tasha left Bake Off due to illness. After medics advised her to leave the tent, she told host Alison Hammond that she had been suffering from a migraine the night before.

She was heard saying, "It’s so hot, I think I need some air," before getting down on the floor. She was then escorted out of the tent by a medical team, where host Alison Hammond comforted her. 

Alison said to the "gutted" contestant, "I can see you’re not well. Go home, sweetheart. Go rest. Come on, I’ll walk you back."

Tasha then did not return to the technical challenge, on medical advice. 

The incident sparked some complaints from viewers, with one writing on X (the platform formerly known as Twitter): "It’s 2023; why on Earth have they not figured out how to air condition the tent for Chocolate Week yet."

Is Tasha coming back to Bake Off?

Yes, Tasha will be returning to Bake Off. Partway through the episode, judge Paul Hollywood said, "Tasha, unfortunately, had to go, She will be with us next week."

This meant that the judges decided no one would be eliminated from Bake Off during Chocolate Week. Instead, two bakers will go home in the next episode, which will be Pastry Week - so for those wondering who left Bake Off, don't worry, you haven't missed any eliminations just yet. And if you want to take part next year, applications are now open and here's how you can apply for The Great British Bake Off.

The contestants will begin with a Signature savoury picnic pie before tackling a French rough puff pastry in the Technical challenge. The Showstopper will see the bakers creating a decorative sweet pie.

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