Great British Bake Off contestants 2023: The line-up confirmed ahead of Series 14

Here's who's going head-to-head in the bakers tent

Great British Bake Off judges Paul Hollywood (left) and Prue Leith (right) in the Bake Off tent
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From volunteer to student to theatre enthusiast, here are the contestants taking part in this year's Bake Off.

With series 14 of the Channel 4 show drawing nearer, fans have been wondering who are the Great British Bake Off contestants for 2023 and when does Bake Off Start in 2023?

As the dark nights draw in, many families are looking for the perfect show to watch together and this cookery contest is a big win with all generations, evoking all the nostalgic feelings and experiences of family baking.

Not only is there a new line-up, The Great British Bake Off is back this season with a new co-host Alison Hammond who will be joining Noel Fielding.

And while returning judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith get ready to put their tastebuds to the test, if you've watched pervious seasons of the show, you might like to take a look at where the Great British Bake Off contestants are now.

Let's meet the contestants who will be hoping to rustle up their best bakes in the tent, where the show is filmed...

Who is in the Bake Off this year?

Abbi, 27, from Cumbria

Yorkshire-born Abbi works as a veg grower and delivery driver. She first learned to bake as a teenager spending time in the kitchen alongside her mum. Here she became hooked on the Victoria era and the traditional tasty bakes of the time from steamed puddings to fruit cakes to name but a few.

Now when she's baking she takes her inspiration from her environment and the beautiful English countryside around her home. 

As a keen lover of the great outdoors, Abbi forages for seasonal ingredients – the bigger and bolder, the better – and puts her homegrown veg to good use. 

Abbi’s bakes "aim to combine comfort and familiarity with a strong nod towards nature, and a feeling of creating something magical – bakes with a touch of fairytale!"

Abbi Great British Bake Off contestant 2023

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Amos, 43, from North London

Amos is a film and theatre enthusiast, theme-park lover, and hospitality professional, who grew up in Nottingham with his mum and sister. These days he works as a Deli and grocery manager where he lives in North London.

His biggest baking role model is his mum who was super in the kitchen whipping up delicious bakes at the drop of a hat and it's this that amazed Amos as a child and laid the foundations for his own commitment to some serious baking. 

Amos describes his bakes as "a labour of love" – his style is described as "colourful and chic with keen attention to detail", and he loves exploring different flavour profiles. 

He compares his baking style to the converted church that he now lives in, calling both his style and home ‘traditional with a modern twist’.

Amos Great British Bake Off contestant 2023

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Cristy, 33, from East London

This mum-of-four and PA is kept busy with baking cakes for her children's birthdays or planning the perfect party buffet food.

She describes her baking style as "enchanted and pretty – bakes that conjure up a sense of childhood". 

Her specialty is cakes, so we cannot wait to see some of her showstoppers!

She draws flavour inspiration from her own Israeli heritage and from her husband’s Jamaican roots. She is a dab hand with decoration and gets a thrill out of making sure the results look perfect. 

When she’s not planning a celebration, you can find her embarking on an outdoor adventure, letting her hair down with her friends, or solving a Rubik’s cube – in under an impressive four minutes!

Christy Great British Bake Off contestant 2023

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Dan, 42, from Cheshire

Dan is a Civil engineering resource planner whose love of cooking started when he went traveling in South America in 2007. His favourite foods include pies and puddings and before he and his wife bought their first home, they lived with his in-laws, during which time his mother-in-law taught him how to make perfect shortcrust pastry

This kick-started a passion for pies and it's since evolved into a penchant for patisserie! 

Perfectionist Dan loves a baking challenge and will often find the hardest bake in one of his many (more than 300!) cookbooks and start there, throwing everything he’s got at creating a masterpiece. 

When he’s not baking, he loves to play football with his two young sons, work out in the gym, or forage for edible treats in the countryside around his home.

Dan Great British Bake Off contestant 2023

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Dana, 25, from Essex

Dana, a Database administrator, struck up a passion for baking at the age of 16 when she identified a gap in her family’s traditional Indian culinary repertoire. 

The self-professed untidy baker, admits she would avoid stepping on her mum’s toes in the kitchen by catching the bus to her dad’s house to indulge her need to experiment with her bakes. 

Now she has a kitchen of her own (and a cockapoo, Gracie, to eat up any crumbs spilled on the floor), Dana has become the family’s go-to celebration cake-maker. 

Her style is described as "rustic and homely, but always pleasing to the eye". 

She loves a semi-naked cake with neat lines, pretty piping, and minimalist decoration; and although she likes to keep her flavours safe, Dana will often incorporate a twist or two, adding in familiar spices associated with her Indian heritage.

Dana Great British Bake Off contestant 2023

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Josh, 27, from Leicestershire

Josh is a chemist by trade working as a Post-doctoral research associate and brings his scientist’s precision and keenness to experiment into the kitchen, taking careful notes on each part of the baking process and perfecting all his techniques for gorgeous results. 

He likes to take his inspiration from old baking books, reinventing classics to give them a modern twist, often by introducing alternative flavours and including the seasonal fruit and vegetables from his kitchen garden. 

Josh is a keen rugby player outside the kitchen and has been playing rugby for his local team for more than 15 years. 

And after a hard training session, once a month he bakes lots of treats to reward his teammates. He dreams of having his own artisan bakery one day.

Josh Great British Bake Off contestant 2023

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Keith, 60, from Hampshire

Chartered accountant Keith learned to bake apple pies and fairy cakes with his mum as a child and has incorporated his mum's love for traditional dishes from her home in Malta. 

Keith has never stopped baking. Recently, though, he has returned to the baking books of the early 1970s to attempt recipes that were once ‘beyond’ him. 

He loves the challenge of taking on more complex bakes and has grown in confidence with bread. His partner, Sue, has got very used to waking up to the smell of a freshly baked loaf! 

They live with their poodle, Maisie, just a few steps from the sea.

keith Great British Bake Off contestant 2023

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Matty, 28, from Cambridgeshire

The PE & science teacher is not one to shy away from doing homework - he is the type of baker who swats up on online patisserie videos before bed. No matter how good he gets, though, he strives to equal the impressiveness of the bake that first caught his imagination: a teddy bear cake that his late nan made him for his fourth birthday. 

Now the family’s designated baker, he always has a list of cake requests for upcoming celebrations. 

He describes his style as "rustic but neat", and his flavour preferences as "quite traditional".

He particularly loves chocolate, citrus, and nuts. 

Once his days in the tent are over, his next – and even bigger – challenge will be to make his own wedding cake, a special commission from his fiancée, Lara.

Matty Great British Bake Off contestant 2023

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Nicky, 52, West Midlands

Retired cabin crew and volunteer Nicky describes her baking as "like a pair of comfy old slippers; little traditional bakes that evoke fond memories". 

For Nicky herself, those memories are of her Gran’s kitchen table where, as a little girl, she would roll out pastries and decorate cakes – which she says was as much fun then as all her baking is to her now. 

While her favourite bakes are still pastries, she also loves making bread, and fun birthday cakes for her niece and grandchildren. 

When she’s not baking, Nicky volunteers for a pet therapy charity (along with her dog, Bracken) and loves to ski, which she has been doing since she was only three years old.

Nicky Great British Bake Off contestant 2023

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Rowan, 21, from West Yorkshire

You won't find empty food cupboards at student Rowan's home. "Go big, or go home" is Rowan’s motto, and one that he has always applied to his bakes. 

His earliest baking memories are of scones, pork pies, shortbread, and traditional jam tarts (which he claims as a Northern delicacy). 

A student of English literature, when he’s not writing up a storm, Rowan is also a keen host, applying his creative eye to his cooking – he aims for clean lines and interesting decoration in his finished bakes. 

Just like his much-admired, knock-out cocktail-making skills, Rowan expresses his grand, opulent side in his bakes, wowing his uni friends with his creations. He made his own 21st birthday cake – a three-tier, 12-layer extravaganza.

Rowan Great British Bake Off contestant 2023

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Saku, 50, from Herefordshire

Sri Lankan-born Saku is an intelligence analyst who places the traditional flavours of her heritage at the heart of her baking. In particular, the curry spices, which she claims make for the best pie fillings, while liberal sprinklings of cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg find their way into her sweeter bakes. 

At her family home in Sri Lanka, Saku didn’t have an oven until she was 18, so she turned to baking only when she moved with her husband to the UK, in 2003, and particularly when she became a mum – rustling up treats for her children’s lunchboxes by baking dupe snacks she saw in the supermarket. 

Self-taught, she is now a dab hand with a whisk and relishes using her homegrown ingredients from her pride and joy – her vegetable patch.

Saku Great British Bake Off contestant 2023

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Tasha, 27, from Bristol

Participation officer Tasha recalls the best thing about baking as a child was licking the sugar icing from the tops of the fairy cakes she, her mum, and her grandma used to make. 

At secondary school, she made cakes for her friends and was soon encouraged by her Food Technology teacher to develop her skills as a hobby. 

Much like her attitude to life, Tasha’s baking is fearless. She uses it as a way to express herself creatively, often embarking upon near-impossible designs – with impressive results! 

When she’s not baking, Tasha loves going to the theatre to see a West End show and she has a passion for travelling the world.

Tasha Great British Bake Off contestant 2023

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Bake Off starts on 26th September at 8pm on Channel 4.

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