Where is Rob Finnerty? The Wake Up America host has been unexpectedly absent from the Newsmax show

Viewers have been asking after the TV star

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Wake Up America viewers have been wondering where is Rob Finnerty? After the morning news anchor on the Newsmax TV channel was unexpectedly missing from screens.

The host usually anchors the morning news/talk program Wake Up America but Newsmax TV viewers want to know why he's not been on air since April 1.

Viewers often notice when their favorite breakfast anchors are missing from screens, just recently fans asked where is Hoda Kotb on the Today show? while others asked where is Gayle King today? and what happened to Michael Strahan?

And now they've been asking after Rob Finnerty, with one viewer tweeting, "Miss the best News Anchor. Where oh where is Rob Finnerty?"

Another viewer claimed, "Where has Rob Finnerty at been? Don’t tell me they won’t pay him enough and he’s out the door."

And a third added, "Where is Rob Finnerty ? Miss him. No one brings the news like him."

As we look at all we know so far....

Where is Rob Finnerty?

Rob Finnerty is missing from the hosting panel of Wake Up America on the Newsmax TV channel after viewers questioned where he was after seeing other anchors stand in on the show in recent days. The anchor was last seen on air on April 1, but some viewers claim he's been taken off air after making an 'embarrassing' April Fool's joke about Russia.

At the time, Rob interrupted his show with the false breaking news that "Russia has apparently surrendered" to Ukraine, then asked an unaware guest Mark Halperin for his thoughts. When Mark began to respond, Rob cut him off "to gleefully say that the whole thing was a prank" and mock Mark for falling for it.

Mark replied, "Rob, you know why I fell for it? I had more confidence that you wouldn't abuse the Newsmax name by pretending something so serious and so real. I had too much faith in you."

And the incident is said to have upset fellow Newsmax employees behind the scenes, according to several news outlets including Insider.

One fan tweeted, "BRING ROB FINNERTY BACK! It was a JOKE…FFS"

Another loyal fan put, "Sean left, Lyndsay Keith and Benny are gone, and Rob Finnerty is MIA. What’s going on? I hope you don’t lose Greta, Eric, Lidia, Jenn, Emma, or Carl. After the customers pressured DirecTV, we lost our favorite broadcasters! Feeling betrayed."

On April 9th Deneen Borelli, Carl Higbie, Michael Grimm and Tom Borelli were on the show and while they were pleased to Carl hosting, they asked, "Where’s Rob Finnerty? Why did Sean and Lyndsay leave? We pressured DirecTV for , and we’re repaid by losing our favorite hosts! What’s going on there?"

And yesterday (April 10th) another viewer missed seeing Rob alongside Alison Maloney and Alex Kraemer.

Is Rob Finnerty on vacation?

It is not yet clear whether Rob Finnerty is on vacation or whether he has been asked to take some time off camera since the April Fool's joke. He has been active on Twitter since he was last on screen, to tweet, "Serious question… name one thing that’s better in America since Joe Biden took office…" on April 3rd.

Rob has previously taken time off to spend time with his daughter and son. He uploaded a snap of him playing ice hockey in Peru, Vermont, with his son and captioned it, "Father and son. Shot score."

His absence has not yet been explained by the channel.

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