Where was The Woman in the Wall filmed? Locations featured in the mystery drama

Where were the cast and crew spotted?

Where is The Woman in the Wall filmed as illustrated by Ruth Wilson as Lorna Brady in the series
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Where was The Woman in the Wall filmed? Viewers transfixed by the compelling mystery drama have been equally intrigued about the real-life filming locations.

Viewers have been watching The Woman in the Wall in droves, transfixed by Ruth Wilson's performance as traumatised Magdalene Laundries survivor Lorna, who finds a corpse in a wall in her house. With the horrifying tragedies that unfolded at the real Magdalene Laundries in Ireland, questions have been asked over whether Lorna's is also a true story. Others tuning in want to know when The Woman in the Wall will be on TV next, as not all episodes dropped at once. For those who have watched that far, we have a full breakdown of The Woman in the Wall ending. For those to find out where the series was filmed - read on for everything we know.

For those who like to know the shows they're watching were shot, we also reveal where Prime Video's thriller Wilderness filmed. The Annika filming locations might be familiar to those who know certain areas of Scotland well - many parts of the country feature in the police procedural. For period drama fans, Becoming Elizabeth filmed at some of the county's most historic landmarks. 

Where was The Woman in the Wall filmed?

The Woman in The Wall was filmed at locations in Northern Ireland, and in western Ireland's County Mayo.

Although precise locations in Northern Ireland have yet to be revealed, some crew members shared snaps of them filming to social media. In February this year, stills photographer Christopher Barr who worked on the show, wrote on Instagram "That’s a wrap on Woman in the Wall. I will genuinely miss the crew and cast. Eighteen weeks of working with the most dedicated humans." 

He added "Every job is an education but this has been extraordinarily special. Thank you to every person on the crew for their support and kindness. To Si Bell and the camera crew your dedication was overwhelming. To Ruth, Simon and Daryl simply amazing. To Sue, Clare and Simon thank you for the champagne!!!" 

No stranger to being used for filming, Northern Ireland has played host to the filming of smash hit shows including Derry Girls, Line of Duty, Blue Lights, The Fall, Game of Thrones, and Bloodlands. According to the Belfast Telegraph, Northern Ireland is becoming such a popular filming destination, 2021 saw a record-breaking six films and TV shows shooting there simultaneously.

The Harbour Studios has recently played host to stars including Kerry Washington, Charlize Theron and Laurence Fishburne, with the Titanic Studios welcoming the likes of Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Hugh Grant and Regé-Jean Page.

Abby Fitz as young Laura in The Woman in The Wall

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Where is The Woman in the Wall set?

The Woman in the Wall is set in the fictional town of Kilkinure, and it is believed scenes depicting the town were filmed in County Mayo.

Series writer and creator Joe Murtagh, has spoken about why he didn't use the real names of places when filming the series - this was to protect those who suffered at the hands of the Laundries, and heighten the show's storytelling. He told Televisual "We didn’t want to link ourselves to any one particular place, person or series of persons. We wanted to protect the survivors in that sense. It was also to give ourselves the opportunity to collate as many of these stories."

He added "By setting it in a fictional town, we could imagine our own Laundry and Mother and Baby Home and could create a whole bunch of new characters who’ve had experiences very similar to many real different women from across the country. That was the thing that probably excited me most about having a fictional town, was to allow us to tell as many of those stories from across the country, while still setting it in quite heightened world. It allowed for our town to be quite busy, and for there to have been quite a lot of terrible things happen there."

Daryl McCormack as Detective Colman Akande in The Woman in the Wall

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Is The Woman in the Wall on iPlayer?

Episodes of The Woman in the Wall only appear on iPlayer once they've aired on BBC One. 

Sometimes, episodes will appear on the catch-up service all at once, even while airing weekly on the channel. However, viewers will have to wait for each new episode for this particular show, with the finale set to land on September 24. Ben Irving, Acting Director of BBC Drama, has said "Joe Murtagh’s scripts are surprising, moving, and continually compelling, with two lead characters who I cannot wait to see brought to life by the extraordinary talents of Ruth Wilson and Daryl McCormack. Audiences are in for six incredible hours of drama."

Jana Winograde, Entertainment President at Showtime added "The Woman in the Wall takes on a startling story about a notorious and heartbreaking scandal in Ireland, one that destroyed the lives of women for more than 200 years. We are thrilled to bring the incomparable Ruth Wilson back to Showtime with such a powerful, moving series that is also incredibly relevant to our culture today."

The Woman in the Wall: Audience reaction

As with the critical response, audience reactions to The Woman in The Wall have been mixed. One viewer wrote on social media platform X, "I saw so many sniffy reviews of The Woman in the Wall I watched it and loved it. What are they on about? Ruth Wilson is great. They all are."

Another added "The Woman in the Wall on BBC iPlayer. Horrifying, yet also very darkly  funny in parts. Ruth Wilson is not rated highly enough, she's a formidable actress. In years to come she'll be known as one of the greats." 

There was some criticism of the way it was filmed by another viewer, who said "Trying really hard to get into The Woman in the Wall. Good cast exploring the trauma of Magdalene laundries. But it's another of those dramas shot mainly in shadow and with a lot of whispering dialogue. Hard work."

Another added "Episode 3 of The Woman in the Wall & it’s all getting a bit daft. Not sure I can be bothered with rest of it. Ruth Wilson is excellent as per but maybe this could have been edited down." 

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