Which MAFS couples have babies? Contestants from the UK and Australia series' who've welcomed children

The couples whose love extended to building a family together

Jules and Cam from MAFS Australia, and Tayah and Adam from MAFS UK
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Are you wondering which MAFS couples have babies? We take a look at contestants from the UK and Australia who went on to make baby announcements.

Married at First Sight is the sort of engrossing, addictive TV that keeps audiences coming back for more. Always on the lookout for the latest season, those asking for the MAFS Australia start date for this year are eager to meet the 2024 cast from the other side of the world. As soon as a series comes to an end, fans furiously search to find out whose love went the distance, and who is still together when the credits have finished rolling. 

For the couples whose relationships survived, viewers hope they'll take their commitment to the next level, and brings MAFS babies into the world. For anyone wondering which MAFS UK and Australia success stories have gone on to make baby announcements and hear the pitter patter of tiny feet - here's everything you need to know.

Which MAFS couples have babies?

Tayah and Adam

Tayah and Adam from MAFS UK

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Tayah and Adam were one of the matched couples from MAFS UK in 2021. Just after their first anniversary, the couple announced via Instagram they were expecting their first child. In April, 2022, Tayah shared a picture of the pair and her blooming bump, with the caption "The news is finally out and I still can’t quite believe I’m typing this, but we’re having a baby." 

Daughter Beau arrived the following October, with Tayah again using Instagram to write "7th October, the day our lives completely changed. Introducing you all to our precious girl, Beau Emily Aveling, we are completely besotted, she is perfect in every single way. To my Adam, I didn’t think I could love you even more but seeing you with our daughter completely fills my heart."

Little Beau marks the first, and only MAFS baby from any UK series. 

Cam and Jules

Cam and Jules from MAFS Australia

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Cam and Jules Robinson were one of the MAFS Australia season six success stories. Just after their 2020 wedding, Jules shared a video of herself in labour, to announce the arrival of their son. The star wrote "I would do it a thousand times again for you Oliver Chase Merchant. Our little man has arrived healthy and beautiful, and my heart is full."

In February this year, Jules announced the couple were expecting baby number two. Alluding to possible difficulties conceiving, she wrote "We are having a baby! We are beyond so happy to share our wonderful news! It’s Been a long time in the making but we finally did it!" The new arrival is due in July, 2024. 

Bryce and Melissa

Bryce and Melissa from MAFS Australia

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Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson took part in season eight of MAFS Australia. Despite initially not looking like they'd go the distance, the couple remain together and now have adorable twin boys. Identical duo Levi and Tate were born 10 weeks early, in October 2021.

At the time, Melissa wrote on Instagram "On October 16th, 2021, our lives changed forever. Our beautiful twin boys, Levi and Tate Ruthven entered this world 10 weeks earlier than expected. Our love for them is greater than anything we could have ever imagined and while these next 9 weeks are going to be agony as they battle their way through NICU and SCN, I cannot wait for that moment where they are in my arms on their way home."

After sharing their NICU journey, the boys appear to be thriving and keeping their doting parents on their toes. They celebrated their second birthday with some Bluey themed antics, and Melissa's account of motherhood is very honest and refreshing.

Zoe and Alex

Zoe and Alex from MAFS Australia

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Zoe Hendrix and Alex Garner got together all the way back in the first season of MAFS Australia. Daughter Harper-Rose arrived in November 2016, but Zoe and Alex split in 2018. The former couple continue to co-parent their daughter together, and Alex now has a new partner named Jen McCann. Alex and Jen have a son together, named Hudson. Zoe has gone quiet on social media, and hasn't posted to Instagram since 2020 - it is unknown whether she is in a new relationship.

The publication 9Now reported on the reasons Zoe offered for the couple's split. She said, "In hindsight, I have learned that you don't know who you've married until you have a child. Sometimes it's not what you agreed and it's not how you thought things were going to go. I was surprised to find that I was doing a lot more than I thought I would be doing, often all by myself. Day in day out."

Zoe continued "I would say I'm quite a modern woman. I have modern views about parenting and gender roles. But I would say that that wasn't a shared attitude." She added, "I didn't really realise this until after we had our child. I've learned a lot from that experience."

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