Black Friday vs Cyber Monday: Which one has better discounts?

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday - which is better for discounts and deals? Here's what to look out for this November

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Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday - which one has better discounts? It's the question everyone has to consider when it comes to the big shopping weekend. 

When it comes to Black Friday (why is it called Black Friday, anyway?), you might think that all the best deals come in on the day itself (25 November, this year), but it's not always the case. As shoppers struggle with the rising cost of living, many retailers start Black Friday sales early, some even dedicated the whole month of November to delivering some serious bargains, but it can be hard to tell exactly when you will get the best deal. 

But hot on the heels of Black Friday is Cyber Monday, when retailers historically take the in-store discounts of Black Friday and offer them online. So how do you know whether to grab a bargain now, or hold off and wait to see if further discounts become available. 

(If you want to get a headstart, we've been scouring the best Black Friday deals available right now).

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Black Friday vs Cyber Monday: What's the difference?

Historically, the main difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the type of products that retailers discount and where the discounts are available. Cyber Monday tended to be for smaller electronics, appliances and clothes while Black Friday was for bigger ticket items, like TVs or Apple products. While the shopping on Black Friday was traditionally done in-store, the shopping on Cyber Monday was online only. But this isn't really the case any more. 

A study from Credit Karma  found that Brits prefer shopping online, with 70% saying that buying online and via mobile is their preferred shopping method, up from less than half before the pandemic began. With the trend moving more towards shoppers buying online, retailers tend to prioritise online discounts where they are not limited by opening hours or in-store stock levels. 

However you choose to shop, make sure you understand your consumer rights and how to get your money back if you need to.

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Which has the better deals - Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

In general, how much money you can save on Cyber Monday tends to be very similar to Black Friday, but retailers may switch up which products they offer discounts on, and you don't always get a heads up. 

The key is to do as much research as you can beforehand and come up with a Black Friday battle plan. Write a list of what you are looking to buy, where you can buy it and how much it costs before the sale. You can also use tools like Camel Camel Camel and Kelkoo to get alerts of discounts, and in the case of Camel Camel Camel, check historical prices of Amazon items to see how low the price has been before and when items tend to be cheapest - which may not be over Black Friday or Cyber Monday. 

If you spot something on your list, that is available at a lower price than you found in your research, then it's a bit of a gamble whether you buy it then and there or hold out to see if you can get a further discount. Ultimately this depends on how much you need the item. If it's a need, rather than a want, it's a good idea to buy it when you spot the discount. If you find that it's later discounted by significantly more, you may be able to buy it again at the cheaper price and return the more expensive one when it arrives. But remember, a bargain is only a bargain if you were going to buy it anyway. 

Managing director of Gekko, Daniel Todaro, also suggests acting swiftly if you spot a deal. "Go to store knowing what you want. Don't procrastinate as Black Friday offers are limited and only for that day. There will also be a limit on stock. And if it doesn't sell out, the price will immediately go back up again ready for the Christmas sales.

"On Cyber Monday, check out items online. Create your basket ready to refresh on the day and check out, if it's a price you're prepared to pay. Again, don't procrastinate, these products will also be limited in quantity and priced to sell out."

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