Lidl launches an adorable animal Easter egg collection – they’re so cute you won’t want to eat them

They look roar-some!
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  • Lidl is selling an adorable animal Easter egg collection and it's just too cute!

    Lidl has launched an animal Easter egg collection in time for Easter 2021 and they’re too cute.

    While you might be considering buying easter eggs online for children this year, Lidl might have you tempted by a trip to one of its stores with these selections of incredible animals.

    Aside from the M&S Easter egg letterbox hamper, you might be looking for something for the kids to fall in love with this Easter and Lidl has just the thing.

    Customers can choose from various creamy chocolate egg options in adorable animal shapes. The mister Choc Animal Easter Egg comes in the shape of an Elephant, Lion, and Monkey for a special treat that looks as good as it tastes.

    And what’s even better is they cost just £2.99 each, so if you can’t choose which creature to buy, why not buy all three as they’re a brilliant bargain for savvy shoppers.

    Lidl Animal easter egg collection

    Not only that but they’ll keep the kids entertained with activities and games this Easter providing them with their own chocolate zoo too.

    Lidl is just one of the places you can now buy an unusual egg this year. M&S has cheeky emoji shaped Easter egg and chocolate sausage dog already making the headlines.

    And if you’re wondering if shops are open Easter Sunday, you can find out here in case you run out of tasty food.

    Lidl keeps delivering the bargains, just earlier this year they were selling an air fryer for under £40.

    And if you’re looking for something to stop your fingers from heading to the chocolate stash, why not try and make an Easter wreath at home.

    A homemade Easter wreath using real flowers

    A perfect treat for loved ones who live away, then try and deliver them an Easter hamper filled with the finest foods or get the kids to help make their own Easter eggs.

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