The humble apple crumble has been voted Britain's favourite dessert

Britain is known for its love of puddings but apple crumble has been named the country's favourite!

We probably all agree that dessert (opens in new tab) is the best part of eating out...

In fact, it's hard to find many people who would turn down the opportunity to enjoy a diet (opens in new tab) of pudding (opens in new tab) for breakfast (opens in new tab) if it meant putting on no extra calories!

Britain has a deep-routed love for puddings but when it comes to naming the best, one dish came out on top.

In a poll conducted by Olive Magazine, the humble apple crumble (opens in new tab) took the title of Britain's favourite pudding.

A classic recipe an apple crumble usually consists of some slowly stewed apples (opens in new tab) topped with a sweet, crunchy crumble topping (opens in new tab) -usually made from flour, butter and sugar but nuts and oats are occasionally added too.

Roast Rhubarb and Apple Crumble

Rhubarb is a popular alternative to apples in crumbles

Lots of other crumble recipes (opens in new tab) use fruits like rhubarb (opens in new tab) and even peaches (opens in new tab), but apple turned out to be the most popular variation.

Out of 1,400 people, 18 per cent voted for crumble as the winning dessert but the competition was tough.

Following in a close second place was the deliciously indulgent sticky toffee pudding (opens in new tab), which had 12 per cent of the vote, and in third place was another retro-classic – bread and butter pudding (opens in new tab), with 11 per cent.

The survey also revealed the most-hated desserts list, and it may cause some controversy... Top of the list was Tapioca, a dish that is similar to rice pudding and popular in South America.

Over 30 per cent of the participants voted this as their least favourite pudding.

In joint second place was the classic Christmas pudding (opens in new tab) and banoffee pie (opens in new tab), which took seven per cent of the vote.

salted caramel christmas pudding

Have you tried our salted caramel Christmas pudding (opens in new tab)?

Angel delight (opens in new tab), a dessert that comes in a sachet and is whipped up with milk to be transformed into a sweet mousse, took third place and rice pudding (opens in new tab) was fourth.

Participants were also asked what dessert they thought should be served at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding (opens in new tab).

Unsurprisingly, the quintessentially British pud Eton Mess (opens in new tab) took the top spot, though maybe the couple could opt for our frozen Eton Mess recipe (opens in new tab) for something a little different...

Now all we can think about is pudding – oops!

Do you agree with the results of the survey? Is apple crumble your favourite dessert or do yo think another pud should have won the title? Join the conversation over on our Facebook page!