Who left the Bake Off: We reveal the baker we’re saying bye to this week

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  • ‘Who left Bake Off‘ is the question on everyone’s lips come Tuesday evenings of late.

    While we never want any of The Great British Bake Off contestants to leave the show, it’s an inevitability of taking part in any competition, and each week the hopeful group of 12 amateur bakers who first stood in the tent is whittled down by judges Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood for crimes against cakes. You know the kind, a dry crumb for instance.

    It never seems to be an easy decision with the professional pair agonising over every detail together before they come to their decision on who they think should leave the Bake Off each week. The job of revealing the news to the tent of bakers however comes down to presenters Sandy and Noel who have to announce the star baker at the same time.

    Who left the Bake Off: Episode 1

    The first week of Bake Off 2017 was ‘Cake Week’ where the challenges were sky high when the twelve hopefuls were asked to create fresh fruit cakes, ‘illusion cakes‘ and rows and rows of perfect little chocolate mini rolls for the perusal of Prue and Paul.

    While some of the assembled 12 bakers rose to the challenge, pardon the pun, others sunk under the weight of it, and it was 52-year-old Peter who the judges decided should leave the tent.

    During the first episode Peter presented a fruity tropical coconut layer cake and an illusion cake that looked like a loaf of bread, but both it seemed fell a little short of the mark. It is, however, the toughest year yet according to judge Paul, with the calibre of talent the best the tent has ever seen he thinks.

    At the end of the first episode Paul said, ‘the standard of the show is so high, but unfortunately it was Peter’s turn to go.’ While Pru added, ‘I am really sorry to say goodbye to Peter, he was up against real competition.’

    Despite his early departure Peter remained positive about his experience saying: ‘Although I am the first baker to leave the tent it doesn’t mean it’s a bad experience.’

    ‘To be shortlisted from such a large list of applications and to be one of the 12 bakers to enter the tent was a huge personal achievement.’

    And this isn’t the last we’ve heard from Peter. The baker, who makes treats for the congregation at his church every Sunday, says he will continue to bake and update his personal blog with his recipes. Speaking after he was voted to leave the tent he declared: ‘I will absolutely carry on baking and writing my baking blog as I am getting positive reaction to the recipes, and I want to develop new recipes.’

    Who left the Bake Off: Episode 2

    For the second episode of The Great British Bake Off the remaining eleven contestants were faced with ‘Biscuit Week’. There were fortune cookies to be made, sandwich biscuits to be filled and board game biscuits to be assembled by the amateur bakers – but who came crumbling down?

    Sadly this time round it was Chris who the judges felt fell short of the mark after he failed to finish his showstopper in time, which was a game based on his love of all things nautical. The contestant, from Somerset, said he was disappointed to be leaving before he had a chance to show off his bread and pastry prowess, which he thought were his strongest baking skills.

    Despite their decision the judges said they were sorry to see Chris’ time come to end, with Paul saying, ‘it’s a real shame, because he’s got some fantastic ideas.’

    While Prue, speaking for the other judges, presenters and contestants said: ‘Everyone will miss Chris’, before adding that losing contestants each week was ‘one of the sad things about Bake Off.’

    Who left the Bake Off: Episode 3

    The third week of The Great British Bake Off saw bread week come to a head, with all the bakers being tasked with classic British recipes like cottage loaves and tea cakes.

    Despite us having her lined up as our winner from the start, thanks to the many reasons we found to love her, it was the 71 year old Flo’s time to leave the competition.

    Flo started the episode feeling confident, declaring that she had been making bread for forty years. However, she quickly followed that statement with an admittance that she’d never actually timed herself whipping up home-baked loaves.

    For her signature bake she presented the judges with cinnamon, orange and mixed fruit tea cakes with whiskey jam which Paul and Pru felt were a bit light on the fruit.

    Flo also failed to impress in the technical, when she under-baked her cottage loaf.

    Finally Flo whipped up a bread sculpture of Davy Jones’ locker using squid ink and paprika as natural colouring. Despite it looking impressive Pru revealed that Flo had used so much paprika to colour her bread that it had left a burning sensation in her throat!

    After being given the news Flo spoke about how Bake Off had helped her feel strong again after her husband sadly passing away.

    ‘I feel since Bake Off I have blossomed and it has given me the strength to carry on.

    ‘Bake Off has made me a stronger person.

    ‘When Richard died, I felt that half of me had gone, I had lost my soulmate, but now I feel I have my confidence back.’ She said.

    And to others who have lost loved ones Flo offered some touching words of wisdom, saying, ‘I have had a long journey to get where I am, and to other wives who lose their beloved husband I would like to say it does get better in time, I didn’t think I would make it but I did. After the rain, there is sunshine.’

    Flo, you were pure sunshine for us all. We can’t wait to see what you do next.

    Who left the Bake Off: Episode 4

    Architect Tom’s time on GBBO came crashing down during caramel week when the Scot failed to impress Prue and Paul.

    Having had a string of sensation showstoppers Tom fell out of favour when he presented an under-baked hummingbird cake for the judges during the fourth episode of The Great British Bake Off.

    The 29-year-old admitted that he hadn’t actually practiced his bake in full, having only made cupcakes out of the mixture. This oversight in preparation left Prue proclaiming that his cake was ‘gooey and under-baked’.

    As is the way with Bake Off it was just this one mistake that cost Tom his place in the competition. Paul said it was an ‘off day’ for the baker before saying that ‘unfortunately in Bake Off, one slip and that’s it.’ Adding her thoughts Prue said, ‘Poor Tom because he really did make a mess of it.’

    Speaking like a true gent Tom admitted that he thought the decision was the right one from the judges on the day. ‘I am disappointed to be leaving, but it was justified. I made a really bad cake and everyone else did excellent cakes. I think it’s totally fair.’

    He added that Bake Off is, ‘not a marathon, it’s a sprint each week!’ Before adding that, ‘you could be the best person in that race, but if you fall at the hurdle that’s it, and you’re out.’

    So, is Tom ready for a life in the limelight? It wouldn’t appear so. Scot Tom admitted in his post-decision-interview that he wasn’t a fan of being on screen.

    ‘I didn’t really want to be on television, I was looking for the challenge aspect of it more than appearing on screen. I watched the first episode with family and friends, and from then on I planned to watch it by myself, as I found it all a bit overwhelming.’ He said.

    ‘At the end of the day I love being an architect and I have always enjoyed my job so I don’t have any immediate career changes in mind.’

    Who left the Bake Off: Episode 5

    Dad-of-two James was sent home on episode five of The Great British Bake Off after finding pudding week a little too tough to take.

    James’ orange steamed pudding collapsed in the middle for his signature round, while during the technical challenge his peanut butter and chocolate fondants came out raw in the middle. Sadly for James his showstopper failed to impress too, with Paul labeling his trifle as ‘sickly,’ while both Prue and Paul agreed there wasn’t much flavour to it.

    When the decision was announced the self-titled ‘bald baking banker from Brentwood’ showed off his nice guy credentials by consoling the other bakers, rather than wallowing in his own misfortune.

    It was James’ ‘adopted children’ Liam, 19, and Julia, 21, who were most upset at the decision. ‘We will really miss James in the tent,’ Said Prue, adding that: ‘Julia was really sobbing her eyes out and who was comforting her? James. That’s typical of him, he is just such a nice guy.’

    James, who was taught baking by his dad, says he now has plans of pursuing a future in baking.

    ‘I now want to go on a baking tour round Essex to meet all the artisan bakers, and learn from them. I want to continue baking, and would love at some stage to do some teaching at my son’s food technology class – if they will have me.’

    James, who was taught to bake by his father, admitted that he was ‘gutted’ at the judges decision James also said he knew his time had come. ‘I wanted to do this to put myself against other really good bakers to see how good I was. To be part of that has been really humbling’ he said.

    Who left the Bake Off: Episode 6

    Week six was pastry week on The Great British Bake Off, and with just seven bakers left in the tent the expectations from the judges were high.

    This time, unfortunately, it was 21-year-old Julia who fell short of the mark, with the judges agreeing that it was her time to leave Bake Off behind following three not-so-fantastic rounds. In her signature challenge Julia made the pastry for her pie with baking powder, which Prue dubbed as a mistake, while she came last in the technical challenge where the bakers were required to make Portuguese Custard Tarts. Her pastry, Paul said, was more like a shortcrust pastry than a puff pastry which the recipe required. Finally her showstopper let her down when the hot water crust on her raised pie failed to impress both Prue and Paul.

    After their weeks together the judges and presenters were clearly moved by her departure, with Sandi, who was left to announce the news, shedding tears as she described having to deliver the judges’ decision as ‘really painful,’ before telling Julie she has done ‘amazingly.’

    The usually stern Paul also had kind words for Julia, revealing a pet name for her at the same time. Giving her a big old hug Paul said, ‘well done Jules, you did well’

    Despite looking visibly upset at the decision Julia remained positive, expressing her pleasure in finding her passion. The Russian self-taught-baker said, ‘I will carry on baking, that’s my passion. I’m very lucky to find my passion and something I love when I’m only 21 and you know what? There’s only one place, and that’s that,’ she said while pointing upwards.

    We’re with you Julia, we can’t wait to see what you get up to following the show.