Best chicken marinades

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  • Good chicken marinade recipes can turn an average meal into a new weekly favourite, and all it takes is a few key ingredients mixed together to unlock a variety of new and exciting chicken dishes.

    Whether you’re looking for some delicious new BBQ recipes to try in summer, or a way to add some fresh flavour to your weekly family meals, these brilliant chicken marinades are brimming with flavour.

    From succulent satay chicken to light and easy citrus fresh flavours, Gordon Ramsay’s jerk chicken, to barbecue tandoori chicken, we’ve got loads of lovely recipes to try. Just allow your chicken to absorb all the lovely flavours for a few hours – it’ll be worth the wait!

    The ideal length of time to leave chicken marinating is send to be two hours, as this gives the meat enough time to soak up all the flavours. However, each of our chicken marinade recipes can be left for more or less time, depending on how long you have between prepping the dish and getting it on the table!

    Best chicken marinades

    1. BBQ tandoori chicken marinade

    First up is this delicious, mouth-watering BBQ tandoori chicken marinade. Marinate your chicken breasts in this rich tomato based sauce for 1 hour and toss them on the BBQ – it’s that easy! The simple blend of cumin, coriander, turmeric and chilli gives your meat a smokey finish.

    Get the recipe: BBQ tandoori chicken


    2. Honey and mustard drumsticks

    Honey and mustard drumsticks

    Deliciously sweet and spicy, these whole grain mustard and honey coated chicken pieces are best cooked on the BBQ for an extra crispy, slightly charred skin – delicious!

    Get the recipe: Honey and mustard drumsticks


    3. Gordon Ramsay’s jerk chicken

    Spice up your chicken with this fiery recipe – mixed spices like chilli, nutmeg and allspice make up the traditional jerk chicken seasoning.

    Get the recipe: Gordon Ramsay’s jerk chicken


    4. BBQ sauce

    BBQ sauce

    BBQ chicken is a classic marinade and this recipe shows you how to make it at home rather than relying on the shop-bought stuff. A lip smacking sauce which can be brushed over your meat while cooks for an extra rich flavour.

    Get the recipe: BBQ sauce


    5. Chimichurri sauce

    Chimichurri sauce

    If you’re looking for a deep tangy flavour to add to your chicken than this is the sauce for you. Made with fresh herbs, white wine vinegar and garlic, this sauce brings a lovely, fresh taste to your chicken.

    Get the recipe: Chimichurri sauce


    6. Thai-style chicken

    If you’re a fan of classic Thai flavours then you must try this marinade. Fresh lemon grass stems, rice vinegar and a dash of lime turns your chicken drumsticks into BBQ masterpieces!

    Get the recipe: Thai-style chicken


    7. Chilli chicken

    Chicken not hot enough for you? Turn up the heat with this recipe! Coated in hot chilli sauce and sealed on the BBQ, you can’t go wrong with this chicken marinade.

    Get the recipe: Chilli chicken


    8. Moroccan chicken

    Coat your chicken in this Moroccan-style rub for a spice sensation. Served alongside a creamy lemon yogurt and finished with olives, this recipe will transform your chicken.

    Get the recipe: Moroccan chicken


    9. BBQ marinades

    You get 4-in-1 with this recipe which is perfect if you’re looking for
    variety – a sweet herb marinade with fresh oregano, a soy, honey and
    ginger marinade for an oriental spin, a classic pesto marinade or a
    curry based marinade – decisions, decisions!

    Get the recipes: BBQ marinades


    10. Piri-piri sauce

    Love spice? You should try this hot and spicy Piri-Piri sauce as a
    marinade for your chicken! Red chillies, smokey paprika and fresh
    oregano transform your chicken chunks into a summer favourite.

    Get the recipe: Piri-piri sauce


    11. Fragrant orange marinated chicken legs

    If you love lemon chicken, you’re going to love this sweet orange marinade. With only 3 ingredients and an overnight marinating session – these delicious treats can be cooked up on the day in minutes!

    Get the recipe: Fragrant orange-marinated chicken legs


    12. Satay chicken skewers

    Turn your chicken into crispy, ginger-flavoured bites with this Asian-style recipe. Served alongside sweet chilli dipping sauce, these chicken skewers are quick, cheap and easy to make.

    Get the recipe: Satay chicken skewers


    13. Spicy chicken drumsticks

    With a tangy sweet and spicy glaze these spicy chicken drumsticks are great for a budget TV dinner served with salad and oven chips or potato wedges.

    Get the recipe: Spicy chicken drumsticks


    14. Chicken in balsamic barbecue sauce

    This simple South African, ultra-tasty dish is usually done on a barbecue and mixes wonderfully with the smoky flavours. Simply pop the chicken in to marinade in the morning and it can be on the table in under half an hour in the evening.

    Get the recipe: Chicken in balsamic barbecue sauce


    15. Ras El Hanout honey chicken thighs

    Our Moroccan-style Ras El Hanout honey chicken thighs are sweet, smoky and perfect for cooking on the barbecue. We’ve chosen skin-on thighs because we love how it absorbs the Ras El Hanout honey marinade.

    Get the recipe: Ras El Hanout honey chicken thighs


    16. Butterflied balsamic chicken

    Try this simple and stylish dish of butterflied chicken breast with a balsamic marinade. Serve with mini roasted potatoes and juicy tomatoes.

    Get the recipe: Butterflied balsamic chicken


    17. Honey and soy sticky chicken

    This recipe uses honey, ginger and soy sauce to create a really tangy marindade that you’ll absolutely love.

    Get the recipe: Honey and soy sticky chicken